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AnnAlysis: Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy

Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy

My mom found this book on the Oprah book list. She read it and told me she didn’t like it, it wasn’t what she expected. And I swear she told me she thought it was going to be a little more… dirty. Well, let me tell you – it was definitely dirty.

This is not a book that you want anyone under 18 to read. There are at least 3 parts that are descriptively sexual.

Lets get back to the beginning though. Kane is on vacation, sort of. He’s hanging out on his beach front property when he sees something, a person, that has washed up on the beach. He takes her in and puts her in the shower, gets her warmed up. Little does he know the firecracker he took off the beach.

Annie is on a mission. A very bad man took advantage of her mother and Annie is back for revenge. And she will not be leaving the island until he’s dead.  But other people keep turning up dead.

I didn’t expect all of the drama that was in this book. It was a nice surprise though. It made it easy and quick to read. It was definitely a page turner.

And I love, love, loved the characters. Annie is great. She has the mouth of a sailor and she’s one tough cookie. Kane is a man’s man. He’s tough, strong, doesn’t show emotion and doesn’t really like to talk a lot. But once you get to know him, he’s a great man.

There was one thing that caught my eye a couple of times during the book. We all know I’m a stickler for grammar and mistakes. There were 2 times in the book that a sentence needed and extra quotation mark and they were left out. That drives me crazy.

Although it was a little, ok, a lot more sexual than I bargained for, I still liked it. But for the sexuality, I have to take a bookmark away. I know I should have expected it because of the title. As soon as Michael read the back, he was like “Are you serious?”. I guess my mom forgot to mention how dirty it was 🙂

I give Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy 3 bookmarks.


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A to Z Challenge Update

As September begins, I only have 4 books left in my A to Z Challenge and I already have them lined up. Here’s what you can expect in the next month or so.

I: Interview with the Vampire (No secret, I love vampires. I’ve heard great things about this. October read for sure)

Interview With The Vampire

K: Killer Cruise (I’m reading now)

Killer Cruise

W: Wicked: Witch and Curse (I just ordered off Amazon to take Wuthering Heights spot…yay!)

Wicked Witch and Curse


Y: Your Mouth Drives me Crazy (This was an Oprah Book Club book my mom read, not as steamy as she expected lol)

Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy

If you’ve read any of these, without giving away spoilers, let me know what you think 🙂

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