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AnnAlysis: Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy

Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy

My mom found this book on the Oprah book list. She read it and told me she didn’t like it, it wasn’t what she expected. And I swear she told me she thought it was going to be a little more… dirty. Well, let me tell you – it was definitely dirty.

This is not a book that you want anyone under 18 to read. There are at least 3 parts that are descriptively sexual.

Lets get back to the beginning though. Kane is on vacation, sort of. He’s hanging out on his beach front property when he sees something, a person, that has washed up on the beach. He takes her in and puts her in the shower, gets her warmed up. Little does he know the firecracker he took off the beach.

Annie is on a mission. A very bad man took advantage of her mother and Annie is back for revenge. And she will not be leaving the island until he’s dead.  But other people keep turning up dead.

I didn’t expect all of the drama that was in this book. It was a nice surprise though. It made it easy and quick to read. It was definitely a page turner.

And I love, love, loved the characters. Annie is great. She has the mouth of a sailor and she’s one tough cookie. Kane is a man’s man. He’s tough, strong, doesn’t show emotion and doesn’t really like to talk a lot. But once you get to know him, he’s a great man.

There was one thing that caught my eye a couple of times during the book. We all know I’m a stickler for grammar and mistakes. There were 2 times in the book that a sentence needed and extra quotation mark and they were left out. That drives me crazy.

Although it was a little, ok, a lot more sexual than I bargained for, I still liked it. But for the sexuality, I have to take a bookmark away. I know I should have expected it because of the title. As soon as Michael read the back, he was like “Are you serious?”. I guess my mom forgot to mention how dirty it was 🙂

I give Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy 3 bookmarks.


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AnnAlysis: Killer Cruise

Killer Cruise

Killer Cruise was a book I randomly stumbled upon while trying to fill out my A to Z Challenge (heard that one much lately?). And, similar to my other random choices, I really liked it.

The book is about New York socialite Ashley who goes on a cruise for her 16th birthday. Something comes up at work for her parents, so she goes with her 2 best friends, her boyfriend, her half sister and her boyfriend and her frenemy (which is her mom’s best friend’s daughter and Ashley’s biggest competition).

Within the first day, the drama starts and not until they’re back in New York does it start to calm down.

Freak accidents start to happen and it all goes back to Taylor who went missing last year. Is Ashley’s new crush, smoothie-maker Logan, behind all of the scandal? Like I’m really going to tell you.

There were some parts of this book I really like. I like that they used real movies, books, shows etc. When you talk about Project Runway, I know what you’re talking about. I hate when authors use made up titles. I have no idea what the shows about!

I also thought it was cute that each time the girls went somewhere, we always knew what they were wearing. From head to toe. This made it easy for me to imagine each one, each day.

Now there were some things I didn’t like about this book. And it makes me feel old to say this 🙂

1. Why is a 15 year old allowed to go on a cruise without any supervision? Yes, her older half sister is on board with her and yes, papa knows the captain, but are they really going to babysit? Doubt it. I don’t believe this is reality. I think it shows false hope for kids. And this is a young adult book, so those are the readers it’s geared towards.

2. The first day on the ship, the first day Ashley sees Logan, she already tells him she likes him. YIKES! Forward much? I know teens are love crazy, but this made me nervous to have kids.

3. Ashley didn’t hang out with her friends very much. There were days where she’d go all day out with a boy and not even see them. I couldn’t imagine bringing along my 2 bff’s on a cruise and ditching them for almost an entire week. This is another instance I don’t think parents would want their kids reading this book. When I was 20 years old and went to Mexico, I wasn’t allowed to leave my dads side, or be alone because he was afraid I’d get kidnapped. When you’re not in America, you don’t know what’s going to happen to you. You can’t just be running around with a stranger in the Bahamas and not be nervous that you may or may not get snatched.

4. One sentence: 16 year old sleeping in the same bed as a boy!

Ok, now I feel like an old prude after reading this book.

I didn’t start thinking about young adult books in this light until recently when my future sister-in-law was telling me one of the things that made her not love Twilight was that Edward stayed in Bella’s room. These books are geared towards teens and young adults. That’s not something they need to be reading about. I never thought of that, but I agree. My parents would NEVER have let me do that. Yes, Twilight is not real, but if Bella and Edward do it, why can’t I?

Although I ranted a lot about this book, I liked it and had to change my mind a few times about who the bad guy was before it finally came out. I give Killer Cruise 3 bookmarks.

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AnnAlysis: The Quickie

The Quickie

You may notice a trend in my reviews lately. I keep saying “I just got this book because I needed it for my A to Z Challenge.” You may also notice that I have REALLY liked all of them. And this one went way above and beyond.

I have always heard great things about James Patterson, but this is the first one of his that I’ve picked up.

I knew from the back of the book that cheating was involved and a murder, but I was shocked throughout the entire book how many twists and turns there were. Every time I thought nothing else could happen, another curveball was thrown. There’s really not a lot I can say about this book without giving things away, except don’t ever think you’re in the clear of the drama. It’s always around the corner.

One of the things I really liked about this book, and I’m not sure if it rings true for all Patterson books, but they have super short chapters. Most are 2-3 pages. Yes, there are over 100 chapters, but I’m the kind of reader who likes to pop open my book when I have a few minutes here and there. With such short chapters, I was able to knock out a chapter in my couple of  minutes and not get stuck in the middle of something huge.

This book is definitely not the normal type of book I read. I am more of a fluff reader, but after this, I’ll have to start picking up more of his books. If they’re all this drama filled, I’m a lifer 🙂

I wish I could just spill all the drama, but I’m not going to. Instead, I am going to give this book 5 bookmarks. Yes, you heard right. There’s not one thing I have to complain about this book. Absolutely loved it!



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AnnAlysis: Zombie Blondes

Zombie Blondes

I bought this book because I needed a book that started with Z for my A to Z Challenge. This was the first one I ran across and actually, I enjoyed it.

Hannah’s dad has had trouble ever since he turned in some dirty cops. Now he and Hannah move around every 1 to 6 months to stay away from bill collectors and harassment for his past.

Their newest town? Maplecrest. It seems like a ghost town driving in. Houses are For Sale everywhere.

Hannah makes a new friend at school, but he’s not the most desirable. He’s a bit of a freak, to put it nicely. And within the first day, Lukas is warning Hannah of the “it girls”.

They are the popular girls. They are the cheerleaders. They are beautiful. Super skinny. Electric blue eyes. Ghost white skin. And all of their names start with M.

Hannah would do anything to be one of the popular girls, but as her dream starts to come true, she realizes it may be more of a nightmare.

The title pretty much gives the point of the story away, but that didn’t ruin the book for me.

It was very well written and quite the page turner. And although the plot is obviously not realistic, I imagine most teenage girls could relate. High school is all about popularity and to be popular, there aren’t many boundaries.

One thing that I didn’t like about this book – even though it was a pretty big part – was all the girls names start with M. I understand the concept, but throughout the book, I never knew who anyone was. I know Morgan is the mean one. Meredith is the nice one and Maggie is the leader, but it took me until the end of the book to figure it out.

I’m very much a “series book” kind of girl. I liked the ending of this book because it left it open for a series if James would ever want to write one. And he left it with a lot to work with.

I enjoyed this book and although I’ve heard it hasn’t gotten many good reviews, I’m going to give it 4 bookmarks.



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AnnAlysis: Naughty Neighbor

Naughty Neighbor

It took me two weeks to read Dracula  and it’s taken me a day and a half to read this. When I finished it, my fiance looked at me and said, “Already? You just started.” What can I say, it was a cute, easy read and I love me some Janet Evanovich. That’s probably obvious since half the books I’ve reviewed have been by her.

Naughty Neighbor is before the Stephanie Plum era, but I see a lot of similarities. The lead female is always witty, the lead male(s) is always dreamy and the family is always a riot, especially the grandma. Definitely rang true in this book as well. I almost forgot to mention the great use of animals. Yes, there is a pig on the cover of this book for a reason 😉

I also like that I can relate to many of Evanovich’s stories. In this one, a former journalist (Pete) is trying to break a crazy story about a politician. Right down my alley.

It starts with Pete and his neighbor Louisa. They know everything about each other before meeting because the walls are thin. They hate each other in the beginning, but in the end … yeah right. You know I don’t like spoilers.

I will leave you with a couple of parts of the book that I loved though.

“The table was set for two with a white linen tablecloth, wineglasses and lavender candles. There was a daisy on her plate. It only had one petal left. Without thinking, she automatically played the game and plucked the remaining petal, silently chanting ‘He loves me.'”

How sweet is that?? Fellas, if your still reading my mushy post, definitely steal this idea 🙂

And in true Evanovich fashion, the love for donuts:

“Maybe she wouldn’t starve to death, she decided. Maybe she’d eat herself into obesity and explode. Death by doughnut.”

That’s what I’m talking about 🙂

Let me tell you though, this is a steamy book. It doesn’t take it too far and isn’t vulgar, but it’s hot!

I didn’t intentionally go to the store to get this book. I had 7 letters to fill for my  A to Z Challenge and stumbled upon this for N. I am really glad I found it because it was a good book. And I like to see Evanovich’s early stuff.

There is one MAJOR drawback for this book though. One three different pages, I found errors. One page said “stick for dinner” instead of steak. One page  had a set of squiggly lines between words. This may be something I don’t know about, but since there’s not one on my keyboard, I’m doubting it. And finally, there was a missing apostrophe. And it completely changed the sentence. It was supposed to be he’ll leave grease spots but was “hell leave grease spots.”

As much as I liked this cute love story, I absolutely can’t stand typos. If anyone else has read this book and thinks I’m reading wrong, please let me know.

If you can overlook the typos, pretend there are four bookmarks. If you’re anal like me, stick with the three.


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AnnAlysis: Dracula


If you know me at all, you know I love me some vampire tales. My first was Twilight. I got the books for my 22nd birthday and read them all in a week. I borrowed The Historian, from a co-worker and loved it so much I went out and bought it to save for another Halloween!

Yes, I love Halloween. I’m the nerd who watches all the scary movies on AMC’s Monsterfestand the ones I can’t watch, I DVR and stay up super late to watch them. I don’t sleep the whole month of October without a nightmare, but I deal.

I started the A to Z Challenge earlier this month. Since I blog about all the books I read, I knew which ones I’ve read this year. I had all but 7 done. D and I were books I didn’t have. I automatically knew Dracula and Interview with the Vampire were my choices.

You know what you are getting into when you start this book. Obviously it’s about a vampire so that doesn’t surprise you. The layout of the book reminded me a lot of The Historian. A lot of it is in letters too. I really like that because you get to see everyone’s point of view.

When it came to the writing of the book, there were some parts that I flew through, there were others that drug on for weeks. This book took me two weeks to conquer. I read when I get home from work and wind down for bed and read on the weekends whenever I have a moment to sit down. I’d like to say the wedding has my mind out of whack, but I honestly think some of the book just didn’t appeal to me. I loved the first hundred few pages then lost interest. It came and went from there.

The book was very descriptive which always makes for a good read. I love to be able to close my eyes and imagine the characters and the scenes. It always got me major kudos with my Teaser Tuesdays (1 and 2).

The characters in this book remind me of chivalry. Michael (my fiance) is very chivalrous, but it seems to be dwindling away over the years. These 5 men put a lady before all of them and fight to the death for her.

I must admit while all these men won my heart, Mina is my favorite character. She’s a strong, very intelligent woman. And she’s a fighter. She never gives up and she helps the men from start to finish. Without her, the ending of this book would probably have been very different.

At times during the book, I was VERY confused. Like when Dr. Seward kept talking of his patient, when the first ship came when Lucy and Mina were in town and all of the suitors for Lucy. They all made sense in time, but when I first read them, I remember thinking “How can this possibly fit into this book?”

It’s taken me a couple of days to think about this review. I admire the book for its history and for all of the vampire lore that was inspired by this book. I love the creativity and the story, but I didn’t love all of the writing. It was a tough read and there were many parts I had to read and re-read.

I give Dracula  3 bookmarks.

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AnnAlysis: Adventures of a Fat Kid

Adventures of a Fat Kid

This is another book by local author Bart Harper. I took this book with me to the pool and spent the day working on my tan while learning maybe a little too much about Bart’s past.

This book is a compilation of short stories about Bart’s childhood. He shares everything from his first kiss, to a criminal Christmas to his dad’s different way of bringing in the New Year.

It’s a very cute book. He did a great job with the writing. There are many things he talks about that remind me of my own childhood. And he does a good job of mentioning shows, movies, songs etc. that he remembers from that time in his life. I really liked this because I would think back to what all of those meant to me. And it’s a nice easy read. That’s always a plus for me! Oh, not to mention, it made me laugh! I’m a big fan of books that make me laugh.

I do have a downfall for this book, and it’s a bit of a big one. While I really enjoyed most of the stories, there were some that I had a hard time getting through. Let me warn you, some of the stories push the limits. The Dump, The School Bus, The First Kiss, The Dirty Movies were cute stories, but definitely not for those who take offense to poo and, well to say it nicely, boners. I think for a man reading this book, they’d all be able to relate and it would be funny. But for me, it was a little too personal for something I’ve never really experienced. I don’t consider myself a prude, but at times, I blushed. I suggest if you read this book, but want to skip the embarrassing parts, read all of the stories except those I listed. Or, some of you may even want to just read those. And that’s fine too!

The Deadly Day, The Christmas Thief, The Prankster, The Faker … I can’t decide which is my favorite. These stories are all great and SUPER cute. If I have to choose though, I think the Christmas Thief tops the list. 1. I love Christmas. 2. I love the writing. It is prefaced with a poem. 3. Yes, he spent all of his money to buy a Farrah Fawcett poster and some other things which I’d rather not think about, but he REALLY wanted to buy presents for his family.

I am going to give Adventures of a Fat Kid 3 bookmarks. Very cute, but also a little too personal into the puberty time for my interest.

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