Hi all. Thanks for visiting my blog.

I’m a TV News Producer who loves to work hard and read hard.  When I graduated college, I started reading like a mad man and for the past year, haven’t stopped.

In January, after I read Jane Eyre, I started my book reviews. I mainly do them for myself, so if I’m reading a series, I can go back and see what happened in the previous book, but it doesn’t hurt if someone decides to or not to buy because of my review.

I rate all of the books I read out of five book marks:

Book MarkOne bookmark: Read at your own risk. If you hate it, tell me so I can “I told you so.”

Book MarkBook MarkTwo bookmarks: I didn’t hate it, but I definitely won’t read it again.

Book MarkBook MarkBook MarkThree bookmarks: I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I give a lot of threes because there are a lot of books that I have to think about. If I’m not sure if I REALLY liked it, I’ll give it a three. These are books that I’ll tell you I liked, but I’m not sure if I’d go out and buy it. Maybe just get it at the library.

Book MarkBook MarkBook MarkBook Mark Four bookmarks: I REALLY liked it and I’ll definitely keep this book to read again when I eventually run out of something new to read. I highly suggest these books.

Book MarkBook MarkBook MarkBook MarkBook Mark If you see 5 bookmarks, you should quit what you are doing and run, yes sprint, to the nearest bookstore and buy this book. I’ve written over 30 reviews and I think I’ve given 5 bookmarks to three of those.

I feel like I’m a tough judge, but if I’m spending time reading a book, I want the next person who wants to read it to get an honest review. I hope my reviews help someone decide to buy or ignore a book.

My ratings cover a lot: Writing, Characters, If it makes me laugh/cry, If I relate, etc.

I like easy reads. After a day of death and destruction at work, I like to come home to a fun, girly book. But, I’m up for anything.

And yes, I judge a book by its cover. If it’s pretty, I’m more apt to buy it 🙂

If you have a book for me to read, let me know!

I’ve recently started doing some movie reviews too. I won’t do these as often, but every now and then, I like to leave my 2 Cents 🙂

For the movie reviews, very fitting I know, I use pocorns to judge.

I don’t really have a system here yet, but I’ll work on one!



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