Teaser Tuesday 9/8

So I know this is a little late … 9 minutes to be exact, but it’s been a long day 🙂 I mean it’s my birthday, so I had to do some shopping, right?

Lets get down to it! Happy Teaser Tuesday all! Teaser TuesdayI actually just started a new book,so I’ve been
debating on how to do this all day. I’ve only read the prologue to Candace Bushnell’s One Fifth Avenue but if you know Candace Bushnell (Sex and the City writer if you don’t), I have one for all the ladies out there to get the mood set.

Pg. 5: “A blue-and-green brocade shoe with a kitten heel appeared, followed by the famous long legs, clad in narrow white jeans. Then a hand with the slim, elegant fingers of an artist; on the middle finger was a large aquamarine ring .”

I’m a huge Sex and the City fan. Let’s hope this lives up to it’s predecessor’s hype! I’ll keep you updated!

What’s your tease??



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4 responses to “Teaser Tuesday 9/8

  1. That’s a good one – I’ve never read any Bushnell, but I always enjoyed watching the girls on t.v.! Great teaser this week 🙂 Here’s my teaser.

    Btw – Happy (belated) Birthday!!!

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