AnnAlysis: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter (movie)

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

I have been leery about watching this movie since it came out. I knew I wanted to watch it, but since I’m such a book nerd, I wanted to read the book first. I just looked at the review I did when I read this book and the first sentence was almost exactly the same 🙂

I only gave the book 3 bookmarks. It was just ok. I felt like I put quite a bit of pressure on it because I was so excited to read it and it just didn’t match up.

The movie on the other hand, I really liked. I think it was mainly because I could see the characters. I liked being able to see Phoebe grow up with her down syndrome. I think it helped me relate to her better. I also think that since it started in the 60s, it’s not a time I knew, it was nice to see it. I liked the visual of the hospital, the nurses, how people acted and dressed. It’s easier, for me, to watch those things then try to picture them in my mind.

The only thing that really stood out to me as missing from the movie was the emphasis the book put on Norah’s alcoholism. There was one point where David told her to drink another one, but that’s it. I thought the book hit on that really hard, but the movie let it slide.

It’s been a few months since I read the book, but I don’t remember Phoebe going to see Paul play in the book like they showed in the movie. I actually really liked that part. It showed a bond. They didn’t realize what it was at the time, but I thought it was a nice touch.

And yes, like ALL Lifetime movies, I shed a little tear. I even know what happened.

I give the movie 4 popcorns.

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One response to “AnnAlysis: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter (movie)

  1. Good review! You’re right, the movie didn’t say much about Nora’s drinking. I forgot about that. It’s like they decided to just show one thing each family member threw themselves to escape the pain of losing Phoebe: David and his photography, Paul and his music, and Nora and her affairs.
    I think knowing what was coming at the end made me tear up even more. I’m such a sucker for these stories 😉
    I still liked the book better, but I’m sure I’ll watch this movie again sometime.

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