AnnAlysis: X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot

Yes, random I know. It was the only book with a title starting with X that I could find. I imagined a title like that being a pirate book, but it only cost me $2 on Amazon. How can you not scoop that up?

I’ve never watched the X Files series. I like ghost stories and Men in Black  but this was never a show I got into. I thought the book series came first, but on the cover it says it’s “based on the television series.” So if anyone watched the show, the books would probably repeat.

In X Marks the Spot, Agent Scully and Agent Mulder meet. They both work for the FBI. Right now Scully is teaching a class and Mulder, well they are trying to squash what he is doing. He is one of the best murder investigators of all time, but likes to spend his time with the “others”. Scully is asked to spend some time with Mulder, take notes and bring them back to the big wigs so they can finally put this X Files madness to rest. Problem is, when they go on their first story, Scully isn’t sure what she believes and doesn’t believe anymore when multiple members from the Class of ’89 are dying.

This book was ok. Once you get to a certain point, if you’re into mystery books, you can guess who the host is.

I know this is silly, but I think I’m allergic to the book. As I mentioned, I ordered it from Amazon. It was printed in 1995 and I’m not sure where it’s been sitting since then. The pages are definitely yellow and something within them keeps making me sneeze. It happened the first night I read it and I laughed because I couldn’t be allergic to it, but then last night the same thing happened, and actually as I write this, and have been flipping through the book, my nose is running. I can’t let that judge my review though 🙂

This book did make me want to watch the series. If I see it on in the future, I will check it out. I give the book 2 bookmarks.



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