Zombies Ate My Neighbors

As I am reading Zombie Blondes I am reminded of my favorite childhood Nintendo game, “Zombies Ate My Neighbors.”

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

If you’ve never played this game, you’re definitely missing out.

You can either be a girl or a boy.

Zombies Characters

You have to go around and save your neighbors from the zombies. You have a certain amount of neighbors you have to find and save before the zombies get them, sending their souls to heaven.

You have to fight everything from muscled dudes with chainsaws, werewolves and even a blown up baby. Not to mention the zombies!

You die when the zombies get to the neighbors before you do. I must admit I’ve never beaten this game, which makes me sad. I don’t think I’ve ever beaten an entire game.

I borrowed this game from my cousin, and we kept it for years. When I was in college, my roommate and I hooked up our Super Nintendo so we could play Donkey Kong. I looked for Zombies, but my brother gave it back.  One of these days, maybe I can find it on EBay and go after those Zombies once again.  Maybe Mikey will be able to help me beat it 🙂


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