Butchering in Brazil

What is going on in Brazil? I normally am up to all the crazy news stories, but my fiance actually brought this one to light.

The Sun reports a 17 year old girl was arrested at a street fight and gave them more information than they expected. She confessed to killing 30 men in the past couple of years. She said she started when she was 15 when a man threw a glass of brandy in her face.

They’re not sure why she continued killing, but some believe it may have been mob oriented.

Either way, 30 men in 3 years? Shoo, that’s almost one a month!

Oh, and she killed them all with the same knife. And they say she even smiled when rattling off the names. To this, The Sun says “which is feared to make her the world’s most prolific teenage serial killer”.

Why did she confess now? She is getting ready to turn 18 and didn’t want to be tried as an adult. I’m going to have to do some research and see if they’re system is anything like ours where age ain’t nothing but a number. If you commit a crime so heinous, you still may be tried as an adult.

That’s not all in Brazil either. At the bottom of that story, it talks about a Crime TV Show host who allegedly was staging killings to boost ratings. WOWZA! Maybe he never took an ethics class!


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