AnnAlysis: I Love You Man

I Love You Man

Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd) is a man that most women want to date. He’s romantic and wants to spend time with you. He even makes you milkshakes. The problem with Peter, he doesn’t have any friends.

He and Zooey (Rashida Jones) get engaged, and he’s the happiest man in the world until he realizes, THERE IS NO ONE TO BE THE BEST MAN! He’s always devoted his life to his women, which hasn’t been a problem until now.

Now he has to find a best man. He goes to the gym, lets his mom hook him up but ends up meeting the “man of his dreams” at an open house for a famous actors house.

Sidney (Jason Segel) is the coolest man around. He’s chill, he has a sweet man cave, and he lets his dog poop everywhere and doesn’t clean it up (Ok, I was running out of things).

Peter and Sidney hit it off, but hit some major road bumps when the wedding gets closer.

The movie had some very cute one liners, but gave me MAJOR anxiety because it was soooo awkward. Paul Rudd’s character is very socially inept when it comes to hanging out with men. He’s great with the ladies, but is retarded when he has to carry on a conversation with a man. There’s a lot of stammering, stuttering and strange name calling.

The movie had a very cute ending, but didn’t make up for how strange I felt throughout it.

It had some funny points, but because of the awkwardness, I can only give it two popcorns.


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