AnnAlysis: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about this movie because I loved the book series and sometimes it’s hard to live up to the books.

Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) is a Shopaholic. She grew up with thrifty parents who cared more about the longevity of a new pair of shoes than if they were the cute ones all of her classmates had. That ended up turning her into a monster.

She owes $9K in credit card bills and just lost her job. She doesn’t get the job she wanted at a fashion magazine, but does get an interview at a money magazine. Ironic? You betcha.

The movie is SUPER cute, but I’m kind of stuck on how I feel about it. If I wouldn’t have read the books, I think I would have loved it. But since I did read the books, I can’t decide if I liked it because it wasn’t verbatim from the books, or if I hated it for that reason.

There were similarities in the book and the movie. Like the scarf, the job, the crazy shopping, the names and of course the credit card frozen in the ice block in the freezer.

I wish that the movie would haveĀ  been based in Europe. In the book series, she doesn’t move to the US until the second book. I always imagined Rebecca having an accent, but in the movie, she’s American, so no accent.

If I would never have read the books, I would give this movie 4 popcorns. It’s a “straight from the book” chick flick. But since I’ve read the books and there were parts of the book that I wish would’ve been in the movie, I am giving it 3 popcorns.



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2 responses to “AnnAlysis: Confessions of a Shopaholic

  1. I love this movie! Super cute. I didn’t read the books though I was thinking about it since I enjoyed the movie. I always figure the books are better so if I see the movie and like it, I would really like the book.

    I just saw this book on someone’s BTT post last week for their worst recent read. To each his own, but I check out this book.

    • If you liked the movie, I think you’ll like the books. I really like Sophie Kinsella’s books. The leading ladies always have careers that are normally a man’s field but at the same time, they’re girly books! They’re very easy reads and they’re fun! Let me know if you read them!

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