Fall TV Lineup

So within the next month, a number of your favorite shows will start back up. And while that’s great because you’ve missed them, what’s even better are the new ones.

I don’t like to start watching shows that are already a season or two into the series. If I start watching something, I want it to be from the beginning . If I miss an episode and can’t find a re-run, I’ll quit watching it. So, I always get excited for the new ones.

And this year, comedy is the trend. Everyone is in a slump because the economy is bad, so why not try to make them feel a little better and make them laugh? Fine with me. I am more of a comedy person anyway.

So let me show you what I’m looking forward to this fall.

I’ll start with NBC (since I work for an NBC station). I’m not going to lie, when it comes to TV shows, I normally watch ABC, but I’m really excited about having this show on our network:

The Community

“Community” premieres Thursday, September 17th at 9:30 on NBC.

NBC describes the show as “a smart comedy series about a band of misfits who attend Greendale Community College. At the center of the group is Jeff Winger (Joel McHale, “The Soup”), a fast-talkin’ lawyer whose degree has been revoked. With some help from his fellow classmates, Winger forms a study group who eventually learn more about themselves than their course work.”

And who doesn’t love a show with Chevy Chase? Yes, if you haven’t seen him in a while, he’s the one in the picture with the white hair. Also, love Joel McHale. If he’s half as funny here as he is on “The Soup”, it’ll be a success.

ABC has a slew of shows that I’m looking forward to.

Cougar Town

“Cougar Town”is the one I’m looking forward to the most. It starts Wednesday, September 23rd at 9:30. I absolutely love Courtney Cox. And the blonde on the right, was in Dawson’s Creek. Pumped to see what she can do in a comedy.

ABS says this about the show: “Can a woman of a certain age be a mom, a successful career woman and still be on the prowl? Jules Cobb (Courteney Cox) is about to give it a try.

In a small Florida town, the center of high society is the Cougars high school football team… which is wildly appropriate since this town is the natural habitat for over-tanned, under-dressed divorcées prowling for younger men. Jules desperately doesn’t want to be one of them, but with an ugly divorce behind her and 40 staring right back at her, she’s longing for a little more action in her life. The available men her own age, like her silver fox of a neighbor, Grayson Ellis, only seem interested in dating barely legal hotties. Egged on by her very married and very irreverent best friend Ellie and her determined assistant Laurie, Jules reluctantly dips her toe back into the dating pool. To her surprise, she hits it off with a nice young guy named Matt — emphasis on the young — and discovers this gal still has the goods.”

I just found out tonight that there is a new witch show starting on ABC.


“Eastwick” is going to be on Wednesdays at 10.

ABC says, “In the seaside village of Eastwick, three very different women are about to discover some bewitching talents they never knew they had. And once they get together– watch out. Something wicked is coming their way.

Eastwick will be turned upside down as these enchanting women come into their own. Although bad for a few locals, it’s still the best thing to happen to this small New England town in centuries.

Based on John Updike’s celebrated best-seller and the popular movie, Eastwick is brimming with romance, mystery and dangerous charm, offering a tempting vision of the ultimate wish-fulfillment fantasy.”

Rebecca Romijn is in the show… gotta love her! Even though I’ve never really watched a “witch” show other than Sabrina, I’ve always been fascinated about witch stories. We’ll see if this can keep my attention.

And finally, I’m looking forward to “The Middle”.

The Middle

I saw a preview for this earlier this week and laughed my butt off. The little guy was patting on some woman’s boob. Don’t ask me why, but it was hilarious. Maybe because it was extremely awkward.

ABC says, “Frankie and her husband, Mike, have lived in Orson, Indiana their whole lives. A man of few words (every one a zinger), Mike is a manager at the town quarry and Frankie is the third-best used car salesman (out of the three) at the local dealership. She may not be a high-powered career woman, but when it comes to her family, she’ll go to just about any length. And with kids like these, she had better. There’s Axl, her semi-nudist teenage son conceived with Guns N’ Roses playing a significant role; Sue, the awkward teenage daughter who fails at everything with great gusto; and their seven-year-old son Brick, whose best friend is his back-pack.”

“The Middle” will be on Wednesdays at 8:30.

And you can’t forget my other loves:
“Grey’s Anatomy” starts Thursday, September 24th at 9.

“Desperate Housewives” starts Sunday, September 27th at 9.

“90210” starts September 8th at 8. Click here to watch the trailer!

Hope you all find a show or two you like! And click on the links to watch this season’s promos 🙂



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5 responses to “Fall TV Lineup

  1. Yayyyy, our shows are almost back! I’m really looking forward to “The Middle,” too — it looks hilarious. The promos featuring the dad who’s dancing along to “High School Musical” slay me. I love that actor (though don’t know his name?)!

    I fell off the “Grey’s” bandwagon last year… which I’m sad about. I was a dedicated viewer from day one but I really just became worn out over the whole Meredith/Derek endless push-and-pull. I still have the season finale on my TiVo, unwatched.

    I can’t wait for “The Office” and “Ugly Betty” to return! So much to look forward to! 🙂

    • Yay I’m glad someone else is looking forward to “The Middle”. Everyone else I’ve talked to about it has never even heard about it!

      We’ve continued to watch Grey’s but there are times when it drives us nuts too. Are they together or are they apart? I just want to jump in the TV and smack them sometimes!

  2. Cougartown looks like a lot of fun…what about Glee? We saw the premiere episode this spring and liked it…

    It does look like there are a lot of good things coming…it’s all felt pretty stale the last 2+ years!

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