Perez Expands His Online Empire

So if you haven’t heard of Perez Hilton by now, you either 1. Aren’t a celeb fan, 2. Are a single guy, 3. Have been living under a rock.

Perez Hilton


Whether you like him or not doesn’t make a difference. He is obviously doing something right because in the last 5 years, he’s started two websites.

Mario Lavendeira started PaegSixSixSix (what is now known as in 2004 and by March of 2005, was named “Hollywood’s Most Hated Website”. With a name like 6-6-6 who woulda thunked?

Now, Perez claims his website sees over 8 million hits a day. Who doesn’t love a little celeb gossip?

I started reading Perez when I was in college. I loved me some gossip. Since then, I’ve strayed and started reading, primarily because we air TMZ after my 10pm newscast, so if something huge is going on, I can tease it. I still check Perez, but must have been out of the loop.

Today on Twitter, he mentioned . WHAT IS THIS? I checked it out and it’s the newest addition to the Perez celeb empire.

When you think of  Coco, you may think of two things: 1. Hot chocolate or 2. Probably more often than 1, Coco Chanel. If you put two and two together, is a celeb fashion website.

I checked it out once I got into work and it’s pretty much “Fashionita Perez”. It covers all of the same celebs, but all of the posts are dealing with fashion. Everything from the newest celeb photo shoots to an update on “The Price of Beauty”, Jessica Simpson’s new show.

Yes, I know that Perez can be quite offensive, and I don’t agree with everything he writes, but if you don’t like it, don’t read it. We all have our opnions, I’m sure if some of the authors of the books I’ve read, read my blog, they may be offended. I don’t like everything I read.

OK – enough defending. Check out the new website and let me know what you think!!!



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3 responses to “Perez Expands His Online Empire

  1. I won’t fib — I read Perez like it’s my religion! 🙂 I was really excited to see he’s launched a new site, and I’ve already spent a lot of time over there. I don’t quite know why he bothered to separate them — I’m sure it has to do with money! — but I’ll continue to read both the original and the newest addition!

  2. I have sort of strayed away from perez and look at a lot more now. I think it may be more offensive than perez but I laugh for some reason…

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