Teaser Tuesday 8/11

So, yes, I know it’s Wednesday, but better late than never right?


Pg 53: “I turned to run down again towards the vault, where I might find the new entrance; but at the moment there seemed to come a violent puff of wine, and the door to the winding stair blew to with a shock that set the dust from the lintels flying. When I rand to push it open, I found that it was hopelessly fast.”

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4 responses to “Teaser Tuesday 8/11

  1. Nice teaser! I love the word “lintel.” Maybe I should go dust mine this afternoon.

    • I wanted to see some really cool lintels so I Google pic’d them. I found some SUPER amazing ones. Even though it definitely wouldn’t fit our style, if we build a house, I’m going to suggest an awesome one for somewhere lol

      Check this one out:
      Cool Lintel

  2. I really need to read Dracula! It’s been on my tbr list for a long, long time.

    Great teaser this week. You can check out mine here.

    • LOVE your blog! I’ll definitely be adding it to my daily “blog check” list 🙂 And I’d never heard of the “Time Traveler’s Wife” until I saw previews for the movie, now I keep hearing about it everywhere. I think it looks great! I can’t wait to see your final review of the book and read it for myself.

      So far with Dracula, I’m feeling just so-so about it. The first few chapters were AMAZING, but now the drama is falling off! Hope it gets back to the good stuff soon 🙂

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