AnnAlysis: Plum Spooky

Plum Spooky

When it comes to the “between the numbers” books in the Stephanie Plum series, I really haven’t been a fan, until this one.

They’ve been cute, but they’ve also been  a little too sci-fi for me. I like stories that are believable, but these just push it too far over the top.

Here’s how it plays out: Stephanie Plum is into it again, joined by the Oh-So-Studly “Unmentionable” Diesel who has, what you may call, super powers.

Diesel is in town looking for his cousin Wulf who is nothing but trouble.

And when there’s a murder, they know exactly where to look – the burn print on the neck gives it away.

Now Stephanie and Diesel must find Wulf, as one of Stephanie’s  FTA’s before they shoot off rockets that can change the weather. Did I say this book wasn’t as far fetched 🙂

All of this takes place in a place called the Barrens. It’s a wooded area, I see as the Island of Misfit toys. There’s a retired Easter bunny, who really has buck teeth. And even a Sasquatch looking fella.

And of course, all of the faves are back. Grandma Mazur is always a pleasure, and ho turned filer, Lula never leaves a dull moment. This time, they are even rejoined by Carl the Monkey. How can you not love a monkey that acts like a kid? You have to love the characters Janet Evanovich makes. They are quite unforgettable, even lovable!

There were many parts of the writing in this book that I absolutely loved. Here’s some quotes:

“My eyes are blue, my hair is brown, and my favorite word is cake.”

That pretty much describes my life to a tee – well, minus the blue eyes, but that word is easily changed.

I also loved this one:

“Walk your broken ass into the kitchen and get your own stupid ice cream”.

There’s really not much explaining to with that one.

And finally, this is my favorite part of the book:

“Lula sneezed and farted. ‘Excuse me,’ she said to the receptionist. ‘Its not my fault. I’m allergic to the cat lady here.'”

I seriously laughed out loud when I read this.

There were also some pieces of the writing, that made the book more realistic, which I always like. Evanovich brought up Harry Potter, as well as the Wizard of Oz and I even think she was referencing the Wizard of Oz when she made the monkeys wear hats. I may be wrong though.

I always enjoy the presence of the many men in Stephanie’s life. Joe’s a stubborn cop. Ranger’s a smooth bounty hunter. And Diesel, well he’s just not human. In past books, Stephanie has had a hard time decided just who she wanted to be with and coming forward with her relationships with each man. I wasn’t bothered by it, until now. It was well into the book that Stephanie even told Joe (her b/f) that Diesel was back in town. And that was only after they were spotted in a bar. I know there have been instances in the past where she hasn’t told EVERYTHING, but I think I’ve normally told myself “they were broken up”. This time I know there not.

I have to add this to the bottom, because we rarely get through a Plum book without talking about a male’s genitalia. This book’s victim, the bad guy Munch. And what a better term for his “boys” than “Munchkins”? Love it!

I looked back at other reviews I’d done on the between the numbers books, and although I liked them, I didn’t love them. I gave them 2s and 3s. I liked this one the best, so since I gave others 3s, I have to give this one 4 bookmarks!


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