AnnAlysis: Adventures of a Fat Kid

Adventures of a Fat Kid

This is another book by local author Bart Harper. I took this book with me to the pool and spent the day working on my tan while learning maybe a little too much about Bart’s past.

This book is a compilation of short stories about Bart’s childhood. He shares everything from his first kiss, to a criminal Christmas to his dad’s different way of bringing in the New Year.

It’s a very cute book. He did a great job with the writing. There are many things he talks about that remind me of my own childhood. And he does a good job of mentioning shows, movies, songs etc. that he remembers from that time in his life. I really liked this because I would think back to what all of those meant to me. And it’s a nice easy read. That’s always a plus for me! Oh, not to mention, it made me laugh! I’m a big fan of books that make me laugh.

I do have a downfall for this book, and it’s a bit of a big one. While I really enjoyed most of the stories, there were some that I had a hard time getting through. Let me warn you, some of the stories push the limits. The Dump, The School Bus, The First Kiss, The Dirty Movies were cute stories, but definitely not for those who take offense to poo and, well to say it nicely, boners. I think for a man reading this book, they’d all be able to relate and it would be funny. But for me, it was a little too personal for something I’ve never really experienced. I don’t consider myself a prude, but at times, I blushed. I suggest if you read this book, but want to skip the embarrassing parts, read all of the stories except those I listed. Or, some of you may even want to just read those. And that’s fine too!

The Deadly Day, The Christmas Thief, The Prankster, The Faker … I can’t decide which is my favorite. These stories are all great and SUPER cute. If I have to choose though, I think the Christmas Thief tops the list. 1. I love Christmas. 2. I love the writing. It is prefaced with a poem. 3. Yes, he spent all of his money to buy a Farrah Fawcett poster and some other things which I’d rather not think about, but he REALLY wanted to buy presents for his family.

I am going to give Adventures of a Fat Kid 3 bookmarks. Very cute, but also a little too personal into the puberty time for my interest.


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  1. I do like to push the limits and shock people! lol… Glad you took the time to read! And remember, boners happen! (usually in the morning) haha

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