Monday’s Headlines are Head Turners

I was on today checking out the headlines to see if there were any stories I wanted to Tweet about or run tonight on my newscast. And for some reason, the headlines were sticking out to me. Let me share a few with you so you can see for yourself.

“Harvard prof offers jokes about arrest”– This stood out, well actually just kind of pissed me off. After all the drama that happened, it’s nice that he can joke in hindsight. NOT! You can’t cause a scene and then turn it around as a joke. I guess when you sit down with the President for a beer, that makes everything ok.

“Horrified mom sees baby for sale online”– Need I say more? Who puts a baby for sale online? And what are the chances the mother will run across it?

“Swimmer’s hand pops off in shark’s mouth” – Nothing like a scary shark story just in time for Shark Week on Discovery.

“Dragon boats roar across the river” – What on Earth is a dragon boat? After you watch, it’ll make sense.

And finally, we end with a story from Careerbuilder.comabout blogging and getting a job. Check it out.


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