AnnAlysis: He’s Just Not That Into You

Although this is a chick flick/chick read, they both made me uneasy.

I was in a single stage when I read the book, but it made me feel like I’d never find a relationship. Every reason it gave for a guy not calling you or liking you was something that I had been through, MANY TIMES.

I’d taken my time in watching the movie. It wasn’t necessarily a movie I wanted to watch with Michael. I try to watch the chick flicks before I go to work and watch action/fun movies with him.

Last night, there was nothing else to watch, so we checked it out.

Again, I felt completely uneasy after watching it.

Ben and Jen’s relationship was the only one that didn’t make me feel uncomfortable.

A married man cheating is not something you like to see, especially when you’re getting ready to get married. Michael reassured me the guys in the movie were douche bags, but seeing how naive the girl was and seeing how easy it was for the guy to cheat. Mahhhh!

All paranoid notes aside, I thought the movie was pretty cute. There were a lot of stars in the movie, which always makes for a must watch.

I thought it was well-written. Although I haven’t had all of the relationship experiences in the movie, the way it was written made it easy for me to relate to.

I give He’s Just Not That Into You 3 popcorns:

But I am going to set out this warning: If you are uneasy about your relationship or if you are a paranoid person, don’t watch this movie. It will not help!!!! I think there are more exceptions than rules, but the movie doesn’t agree!

Oh, and never let your husband/boyfriend go to yoga;)


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  1. I remember flipping through the book in a store a few years back, and it totally freaked me out! I just watched the film for the first time with my sister and enjoyed it. Like you, Ben and Jen’s relationship was the only one that didn’t feel completely screwed up, and I had a hard time not wanting to reach inside my TV and smack Scarlett Johansson’s character on the mouth! Seriously, what was her deal?!

    I felt uneasy after finishing it, too, I won’t lie — and, as I’m single right now, I’m not looking forward to playing all the awkward “mind games” with the next prospect. Meh!

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