Twitter Sites: 7/7

1. So we all know how dangerous it is to play on your phone while driving. Twitter doesn’t help that cause much. I know I spend a little too much time on Twitter, lately jamming to MJ has helped me steer clear. But now there’s a site that will let you Tweet, hands off. It’s called TwitterFone. You sign up and when you want to Tweet, you call and record your Tweet and it’ll be updated. You can also listen to others Tweets, reply or DM them. Seems like a cool concept, let me know if you try it and like it.. or not.

2. TweetLateris a site that takes Twitter to the next level for you. And it gives you a couple of options. You can do the free route or the professional route that will cost you some cash. Some of the things you can do on here is schedule a tweet to send later (I’d like to think¬†I wouldn’t use this, but I always forget to do a 10pm news tease. I could use it when I’m thinking about it), you can track the number of clicks you get on links, follow and unfollow new and old friends and you can use all of this on many accounts. That’s just the free stuff. For the pay to play options, you can … well, there’s really nothing on there I think I would use. It’s a lot to do with Auto DMs and filtering and blah, blah, blah. But I’m sure its good for some.

3. I know I added a Twitter poll like site before, but here’s another one. It’s call twtpoll. I have never really seen use for a poll, I may start adding them and doing some stories about them on our nightly Twitter segment, but when I looked at the most popular ones, I see how they can be used. Yahoo! News did one about Sarah Palin. I guess I never thought big names would use these. Pretty cool.

4. Twitterholic has potential if you like numbers, and you can get it to work. I’ve tried it a couple of times in the last week, and nada. I got it to work back in March, but since then, it’s been a bust. It tells you where you rank on Twitter by followers. We all know @aplusk is first blah,blah… but the first page shows you the top 100 users. When you put in your name, it’ll tell you how many followers/followings you have, where you rank worldwide and where you rank in your area (or the city/state you put in your location). I am pretty sure this one also tells you when you started. I always forget this date, but would like to check it out so I can find out how many Tweets¬† I average (I’m a dork).

5. So I’m still not 100% sure what Twidroidis. From the shots on the website, I think it’s a mobile app for TMobile. It looks like a nice app. It looks clean and has one feature I WOULD LOVE! The follow/unfollow feature would be GREAT on my bb. I don’t get on that often, I do most of it through my phone. I see people I want to unfollow, but always forget. I make a list of them in my note pad, but then don’t feel like looking them up later. I don’t have TMobile, but would check this out if I did.


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