Twitter Sites: 7/2

Add your pictures on Twitter this way:

1. The most popular way to add pictures is Twitpic. When I upload pictures from my computer, this is always the site I use. It was the one I was first told about and I’m a creature of habit.  You don’t have to make an account, you just sign in with your Twitter name and password and it updates your time line. The site is cool because when you pop it up, it shows a map of where people are adding pictures and you can see what the pics are. It also tells you how many people have looked at your pictures. I’m all about numbers, so this works well for me.

But it you want to check out other options, here are some choices:

2. Twitgoois a site I just recently found. It is very simple. You sign in with your Twitter name just like Twitpic and voila, you can add a pic and a message.

3. When it comes to adding pictures from your cell phone, most Twitter applications you download will be able to add your photos from your phone. I have a tried a couple of different ways on my phone, but the one I’m using now is called Snap2Twitter. Every time you take a picture, it gives you the option to send it to Twitter. The only problem is if you decide to use one later, you can’t use this application. If that is the case, I just text it to Twitpic. I can’t find a site for Snap2Twitter, I found it in the Blackberry Apps store though.

4. I wanted to try to find all of these sites on my own, but I found a site that has done it for me. So, instead of adding the dozens of picture sites, here’s a list, and check out the site for other Twitter options. There are a lot of sites on this WordPress blog about Twitter Apps, so it may be overwhelming, but I still have some in mind, so I’ll keep doing these posts with the sites I like.


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