AnnAlysis: Fearless Fourteen

Fearless Fourteen

I don’t know what it is about Janet Evanovich, but I love her! It may be her creative writing, it may be the way I feel like I’m in the stories, or it may just be the craziness that makes my life look simple.

I liked this book because it brought all of my favorite characters back together. The Mooner is back in this book and Grandma Mazur, whom I love! And it brought a couple of new characters that I became fans of. Who doesn’t love a psychic (Gary) and a graffiti paintin, Internet gamin teen (Zook)?

This book was pretty action-packed, as most are. I liked the story line… but unlike other books, I couldn’t figure it out. This is one you’ll never guess the killer. I promise you that.

This is the 17th Stephanie Plum book I’ve read, and all of them never fail to surprise me. They are all very well written and each of them are completely different. I was worried when I started the series that they would overlap too much, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised that Evanovich can think of so many story lines. Very impressive.

I liked that Stephanie took part in security for a celebrity, but I didn’t like how the celebrity stayed around. She got on my nerves.

I try not to go into too many details in these, in case you want to read the book, but I always write things down while I read. One of things I wrote down this time is when one of the male characters punches a woman in the face. I’m not saying it would be funny if a man punched me in the face, but for some reason, I laughed out loud at this. I don’t think it’s right for men to hit women, but this cracked me up.

I also wrote down “change in text” … not sure what that meant, I’ll keep thinking and if I remember, I’ll come back.

I give this book 4 bookmarks.

It’ll be a while before I read the next couple of Plum novels. They are both in hard-back right now and I am more of a paper-back fan. I’ll change it up a little until then:)


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