Twitter Sites: 6/30

This is my local Twitter Site edition.

1. 304 blogsis a super cool site. I learned about the site from Twitter. It’s a site that compiles blog posts from West Virginia bloggers. Once you post a blog, it’ll go up on the site, it will also be posted to Twitter. That way you don’t have to send out a link, it’s done for you. It’s very easy. Click the add your blog link and fill in your name and url and voila.

2. Do you have a secret? Why not share it on Secret Tweet? A local Marshall student ( @mozunk ) made the site. You have 140 characters to anonymously post a secret. A lot like the Post Secret website. I like the idea, but personally, it makes me paranoid. I’m always worried when I read a post that could pertain to me. But still, it’s a great site.

3. Twitter Local is a download to help you find local Twitterers. I haven’t tried it, but I think it’s a cool idea. Just download it, put in your city/state and how many miles away you want to go and bam – you have Tweets.

Let me know if there are any other local Twitter related sites to add to this.


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