Twitter Sites: 6/29

1. Twitter Gadgetis another site designed to show you what’s going on on Twitter without you being on Twitter’s page. Recently, I’ve been getting tired of all of the privacy pop ups on Twitter, I triedTwitScoopand really liked it. This site lets you sign into Twitter, but updates you from their page. Let me know if you try Twitter Gadget and how it works.

2. So Twitter Troll is supposed to be a Twitter Search Engine. I searched, it did nothing. It just gave me an error message. So, there’s not much for me to say about this, other than it didn’t work. On the front page, it shows you Tweets about the web and about Twitter, but that’s all I can get it to do. One thing I always think is interesting is how many times people have Tweeted. This site shows you along with the message you’re interested in. Will try again later and let you know my progress, or lack thereof.

3. If you’re competitive, you may like Twitter Score. I like it because it tells me out of everyone who has been on this site, how much better I am than them 🙂 Kidding, but it’s cool to see where you rank. I think at one time when I did this, I had a 9 point something, but now I only have a 5.4 out of 10. That’s failing, but I’m not sure how to make it better. Forget it, I don’t like this site anymore 🙂

4. If you use Firefox, you may want to check out Twitterfox. It’s an extension to your toolbar. It shows you when people are Tweeting and gives you a box to Tweet directly from your toolbar.

5. Twitterurlyis a site dedicated to showing you the links that people are posting. Right now on this site (Sunday at 11:19pm) most of the links are about Billy Mays. It groups the people who are posting the same link together and shows you their Tweet and tells you how many people have Tweeted that link. There’s an Everything, News, Pics and Videos tab. There is a search button. I looked for WSAZ and there were quite a bit of Tweets. Most were from our work account, but it was cool to see the latest story on about the Boil Water Advisory being lifted was posted in Tweets 5 times.


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