AnnAlysis: Poseur: The Good, The Fab and The Ugly

Poseur: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This is the second book in the Poseur series by Rachel Maude.

The books are about 4 high school girls from completely different molds. One is a hoity-toity Frenchie. One is the daughter of a rapper. One is a hippie. And one is a Plain Jane, whose name just happens to be Janie.

The four are all passionate about one thing: STYLE! They get grouped together for a project where they make their own clothing line. At the end of the first book, they have a party to name the line and on every piece of paper, someone wrote POSEUR.

That’s where 1 left off and 2 begins.

This is more of a tween novel about high school girls, but since I read the first one and thought it was cute, I wanted to try to second. I do love me some series.

I really like how this book is laid out. Instead of having a 1,2,3 at the beginning of every chapter, it tells you who you’re going to be dealing with, and most importantly, what they’re wearing. It’s a nice way of changing it up. And honestly, who really needs the numbers?

I also like how she emphasizes words. In the field of journalism, we do whatever we can to show our anchors which words are important. Most of the time we use /this/ so the anchor knows that’s the word they need to pop. Maude does the same thing here by using italics to let you know which words the girls are emphasizing. I think it shows the personality of the girls. Everyone uses emphasis on different things. To me, it shows not only intelligence, but what’s important to each person.

This may seem childish, but I love the pictures that come in the books. The pictures are supposed to come from the main character, Janie. I like them because every time I read a book, and I think most people do, I imagine in my head what each character looks like. In these books, I know what they look like and how they dress because they are right there on the pages. I also like with this book, they come out with a Trick-or-Treat bag and each of the 4 girls designs are shown along with the final design. And at the end of the book, it picks out an outfit that each of the girls wore and tells you how to make it. It confused me from step one, but it’s a cool, hands on idea.

This is a very trendy book. And while I like to think I know the top designers, I also know after Fendi, Gucci and Prada, I’m all out of resources. They’re not things I can afford, so unless you’re at the Huntington Mall, there’s really no reason for me to know about you unless I’m reading Perez. I’ve learned about a lot of designers through this book. I’ve been googling them as I come across them. I hope Mikey doesn’t stumble across the sites and think I’m really thinking about shopping there. I may need to just go ahead and warn him.

I really can’t say there are much about these books that I don’t like. They are cute and fun and even though I don’t know much about life in California, it’s how I imagine the wealthier side living. Since they are easy reads and they make me happy, I will give this 4 bookmarks. If I gave half marks, it would probably get 3.5, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

I think these books are super cute. And yes, I will be looking for the 3rd one when it comes out.


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