AnnAlysis: Lean Mean 13

Lean Mean 13

After taking a hiatus and reading a couple of different authors, I was glad to jump back into a Janet Evanovich book. Her writing is smooth and she makes it easy to embrace a character.

Not many writers would be able to talk about exploding rodents and make you feel like you were right there when it happened and make you feel like you should check to make sure there’s not squirrel hair on you. Weird, yes, but true.

I liked the family aspect of this book, and all of the Plum books. I am pretty close with my family and I like the fact that Stephanie’s family is pretty tight knit. Stephanie’s Grandma Mazur is by far my favorite character still. She comes in moderation, but never fails to please.

All of the Plum books have had crazies, but the side bars in this book were VERY crazy. A guy who makes and sells stuffed, exploding rodents and a guy who steals goods off the dead to make money.

The main thriller from this story really didn’t do it for me. SPOILER ALERT! QUIT READING IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THIS BOOK!

At first, I thought Dickie disappearing was a great story. Stephanie would have to decide if she would help find her ex, but when she’s blamed for his murder, she doesn’t have an option.  But when you find out Dickie isn’t really dead, the plot doesn’t thicken anymore. The scheme his co-workers had going on was pretty schiesty, but I felt there was still too much of the book left to know Dickie wasn’t dead.

Now his co-workers and the firebombs, well I love explosives (I don’t use and or play and or want explosives, but I like watching movies with rocket launchers) and this aspect was cool, minus the people who got burnt in the process.

In the end, I enjoyed the writing of the book, just not what was written. I gave it 2 bookmarks.


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