Twitter Sites: 6/23

1. When I follow people I Twitter, I am picky. I used to follow everyone, but now I like to see what they’re about before I follow them. And I like to follow people that like the same things as me. I am not good with stocks/bonds and a lot of techie stuff, so I’d like to see what they’re about before I add them. So, a way to do that: Twellow. It’s a Yellow Pages for Twitter. If breaks down users by category. Anything from movies and music to journalists to daughters. I try not to search for people to follow unless I don’t have anything to do, but next time I have down time, I’ll check this site out to find new friends with the same interests as me.

2. Twinfluence shows you your influence on Twitter. It shows a lot of things I don’t understand 🙂 It breaks down your first and second order networks (your followers then all of their followers). It also breaks down your velocity, social capital and centralization. If you like the technical side of analyzing your followers, check out the site and you’ll be able to understand more than I can explain!

3. If you want to know if people are talking about you on Twitter, check out TweetBeep. The site allows you to put in your name, your product or you blog (and more) and whenever it’s mentioned, you’ll receive a message. I take it this is one of the sites that people use to get new followers. One time I put I was having anxiety and within 10 minutes I had 10 people follow me that had user names with “anxiety” in it!

4. Since I’ve added one to every post, I have to add a background site. Doctor Twitterwell help you spruce up your site. Most of the backgrounds here are themed. They have patterned ones, but they also have celebrity, tv, and political backgrounds.

5. Twitter is a great tool. It is great for personal use, but also for businesses. In the news room, it is a tremendous help. I found out that Jodie Meeks was staying in the NBA Draft when Coach Cal Tweeted it.  But it’s also good for other businesses and now there’s a E-book out about why Twitter is good for Churches. Twitter for Churches describes the site as “a *helpful, easy* and *practical guide* to reaching the right people with the right message – for free.”



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