Twitter Sites: 6/21

If you use Twitter, I hope you are liking these posts. These are all sites that I think can be useful in some way, shape or form. And if you do enjoy this, you’re in luck. After this, there will be at least 3 more, but I’ll keep searching for more Twitter Sites to update you with.

1. I’ve done one “decor” site for each post I’ve done about Twitter, might as well stick with the theme. Twitter Galleryreminds me a lot of the sites for Myspace backgrounds. They have anything from swirls and stripes to Wall-E. I like this site because if you want to make your background something popular, there’s a good chance you can find it here.

2. If you’re a news junkie like me, you may fall in love with this next site. If you don’t like the news or news people, just go to number 3. Muckrack.comis a site that is a compilation of journalists on Twitter. Anyone from Ann Curry to writers at Sports Illustrated are part of this site. It takes all of their Tweets and puts them on this page. I tried to add myself, but never heard back. Guess I don’t have a big enough name “yet”. One of these days, they’ll be begging me to be a member. No but really, the site is really cool. It tells you which journalists Tweet the most, which ones are the most newsworthy, which ones are the most witty and you can check out the Tweeters by where they work.  I just found this: At the top of the page, it has a list of links, celebrities, musicians etc. Click on the link you want to check out and there’s a compilation page for each of those categories. NICE!

3. Do you want to see who the top dogs are on Twitter? Then check out Tracking Twitter. The site shows you which “media, entertainment and consumer product feeds”.  They are broken down by followers, show you their latest Tweet and what their user name is.

4. Need help on Twitter? Check out TwiTip. This is a Twitter Help Guide in the form of a blog. If you need help with anything pertaining to Twitter, this is the place to find it. It’s a site that is updated once a day, so if you’re like me and want to know EVERYTHING as it happens, you can check it out daily, or check it out weekly and read the updates one week at a time.

5. Sometimes links on Twitter can be overwhelming. I personally check to see how many times a person posts links before I add them. If they’re posting links more than telling me what they’re eating for breakfast, I won’t follow them. But, there are times when I want to see some links, so to find the most popular ones, I go to TweetMeme. Very cool. You can check out which ones are most popular. It’s based on how many times the link has been Tweeted. Or you can watch the live feed as the links come down. If you want to see links for a certain topic, it also breaks those down for you. If you want to check out links, I highly recommend this site! It sucks you in though, so make sure you give yourself a time limit or you’ll be there all day 🙂

Enjoy loves!


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