Twitter Sites: 6/20

Hope you enjoyed by first set of links and will try these ones out as well.

1.¬†Twibes is a site that lets you make your own Twitter groups. There are groups from photography (which is the most popular) to Timing Momentum Stocks (one of the newest). You can search for a certain keyword, check out the most popular and newest or search by topic. Maybe I should make one for WV Tweeters. Let me know if you’d join!

2. On the 6/19 sites, I put a link to some cool backgrounds. But if those didn’t do it for you, maybe Free Twitter Designwill spark your creative side. This site lets you design your own background. I always like these sites and use a similar one for my Myspace background. I don’t like to have ones that everyone can use.¬† You start with 6 platform pages then can build, change colors, add pictures, text or shapes. You pretty much have free reign. If you use this, send me a link to your page so I can check out your background!

3. Poll Daddy is cool site if you want to get input. Yes, I know you can just ask people on Twitter, but if you have a multiple choice question, just stick it on there with the link. To test it, I made one “When people add blog posts to Tweets, do you read them?” I had 1 yes vote, o no votes and 2 sometimes votes. Now one thing I did notice about this was a couple of people responded back to me on Twitter. I’m not sure if they were the same ones to fill out the poll, but I would suggest after asking your question in your Tweet, also say “Please take my poll.”

4. Do you have witty Tweets that you want to share with the world? Well, on Twitter Wityou can. You use your Twitter name and password and have a couple of options. You can give them the option to go through all of your Tweets and share the ones they like or you can go through and choose the ones you like. Once you’ve found one you want to share, click on the time and date you added it, it will pop up in a new window with a number in the address bar, copy and paste the number and voila – your wit is now on the web …again! Still working on this site. Not sure if it only shows mine or if I can find other people’s wit.

5. Do you want Twitter to be more accessible when you pull up the Internet? Then you should download the Twitter Toolbar.This isn’t one I have tried yet because when you open new tabs on Internet Explorer, it shows you the top 6 sites you visit… and of course Twitter is on there just one click away. But if you want to make Twitter one click away, try downloading this. It also allows you to update your status directly from the toolbar and do searches on Twitter, Twellow Pages and Twictionary. If I keep having those stupid security pop ups, I may have to try it!


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