Twitter Sites: 6/19

I had my yearly work review today (actually it was my first) and a lot of talk between me and my boss was about social media. I’ve been on Facebook since it started in 2004 and have had my Myspace account for almost 3 years now. But now my obsession is Twitter. I’ve already written a post about that, so in this one I want to do something different. I want to use this to tell you about some cool websites that you can use with Twitter.

What I’ll try to do is at least once a week find 5 or so websites that you can use Twitter with. Here’s the first set:

1. Twitter Grader. The grader is exactly what it says – gives you a grade out of 100. I have a 96.9%. You put in your Twitter name and it looks at followers, how many you follow, number of tweets etc. It also has a ranking system. Out of 2,335,826, I rank 84, 066.  This site really doesn’t have any use except to show off some cool numbers, but it’s still a cool website.

2. Twitter Buttons. I actually just found this, but can’t wait to find one that goes well with the decor on my blog so that I can add it! It’s the small things like this that make Twitter so cool to me.

3. Twitscoopis a really cool site. It allows you to sign into your account and do everything you can do on Twitter through there. And actually, on a night like tonight when every time I click something, a pop-up about security comes up, this is much nicer. And, something VERY nice, it updates it for you automatically. You don’t have to refresh, you don’t have to download anything! Definitely going to try this one at work. It may be much smoother than Twitter on our computers.

4. Accessible Twitteris very similar to Twitscoop. I don’t think it’s nearly as clean at Twitscoop, but it does all of the same things. I’m a pretty person, so whichever one looks best is what I’ll use, that is until it crashes!

5. This one is for the girls: Twitter Patternsis just what it says. It’s a background for your Twitter. I kept mine simple with the myZ logo so I could keep it work related, but one day I’m sure I’ll want to make it pretty. I like these “patterns” because they are mature. They are colorful and fun, but they’re also not too crazy and not too bright. I like subtle!


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