Welcome to My Dreams.. or Should I Say Nightmares

Ever since I was little, I’ve had nightmares. They were so bad, my parents left a baby monitor in my room until I was 5ish because I’d wake up scared all the time. The first one I remember goes like this: My mom used to pick my clothes out for the next day before I went to bed. I would lay them out on the ground in shape of a person. One night I dreamt the clothes got up and started walking around my room and then they attacked me. Needless to say after that night I never left my clothes out again.

Since then, the dreams have gotten a little more mature and a little more hardcore. I love scary movies, but I hate the dreams I have after I watch them. If my mom knew I was watching a scary movie before I went to bed, she would make sure she left the door open for me because she knew I’d crawl in sooner or later so I wouldn’t sleep alone and freak myself out.

When I was little I had a dream catcher. Maybe I need to go to the next flea market and get another one because the dreams are still coming.

I woke up at 5 this morning with my heart pounding like crazy because of my dream. I was living in a trailer in Huntington and for some reason all kinds of bad guys were after me. The Huntington Police made me a special case and had a cruiser on every side of the trailer, somehow though the bad guys got in. Every time I would get up to look outside, a bad guy would see me and come after me. The Police would always snipe them before they killed me, but it always got close. After 4 rounds with the bad guys I finally woke up.

I have always heard that what you think before you fall asleep is what you dream. That may be the case for this one. I’ve been reading The Black Dahlia. Seems like every time I read a mystery/murder novel I have nightmares… looks like I found the source.

I’ve decided though next time I am in need of a new book I want to buy a dream book and see if I can analyze my dreams and figure out how to read scary books without having scary dreams.

Going back to sleep and thinking “bunnies, bunnies, bunnies” doesn’t always work 🙂

Do you have bad dreams? What’s the worst one you’ve had?


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