You have an infection, not sure where though!

That was the reason for my recent hospital stay. And we can sum it up like a Mastercard commercial.

Blood Tests Done: 3 Times

How many nurses I had: 3

Staying over night in the hospital and still not knowing what made you sick: PRICELESS

Sunday afternoon, I started feeling a little sick. I’d gotten up, got a shower, ate lunch, dusted the living room, and was doing the Sunday crossword when all of the sudden it hit me. I got a little car sick feeling, so I went and laid down for a while. When I got up, I was feeling worse, so we decided to take my temp. It was over 100. That’s never a good sign. I decided I should probably go to urgent care because I didn’t want to get anyone else sick.

When I got there, they did blood work, a chest x-ray, urine sample, flu test… you name it. The doctor looked at all my tests and all she said she could find was that my temp was now in the 101 category and my white blood cell count was 18.8. It is supposed to be 11. From the time I had gotten to the doctor until this time, I started feeling worse and worse.  She said it would be best to stay overnight. I was skeptical, mainly because I didn’t want to miss work, but I’m a big girl now and big girls have to pay for their hospital bills. 🙂 But, she’s a doctor, so I listened.

When we went to get checked in, the printer wasn’t working, so it took quite a while. I was still feeling bad, sitting on the chair with my knees balled up. Finally the printer worked and they called for transport … more time for me to sit and feel bad. I almost asked if I could walk up by myself.

When we got to my room, there was someone in the A side, I was B. It was the grandmother of a girl I went to high school with. I waved at her mom, she didn’t seem to recognize me.  When we got settled, I laid down on the bed, and this girl’s dad, who was also my track coach, dropped his cell phone on my side of the room.  We had a pretty good relationship and I’ve known him for years, so I said “Excuse me sir, you’re on my side of the room.” Guess who didn’t recognize me? And yes, Michael was with me, and even if he tries not to be, at 6’6″ he’s intimidating. I have sent this girl a message on Facebook and asked her to explain the story to her dad. I hope he thinks it’s funny now.

Anyway, she moved out and I had the room to myself and mom and dad and Michael and Bryan and Tyler. I loved that they came to visit me. But I felt so bad for them having to give up their Sundays because I was a sickling and they didn’t know what was wrong with me. I would say the cry count was near 50…. if not higher lol.

About an hour and a half after everything was said and done in my room, I finally got my IV. She couldn’t get it in the top of my hand, so she put it near my wrist under my thumb. I am normally pretty good with needles, but I had to cling onto the sheet so I didn’t punch her in the face. That’s straight up bone!

I was starved, or so I thought. But when the turkey sandwich came, all I could eat were cookies. If that surprises you, you don’t know me very well.

One thing I was looking forward to, the season finale of “Desperate Housewives.” I got to watch the first hour, then started feeling like I was crazy seasick. Like “The Perfect Storm” seasick. I laid down, Michael went to get dinner and luckily the nurse came with some meds for my belly.

After that it was smooth sailing through the night. The nurse brought Mikey a sleeper chair – that was fun:) I was able to sleep, some. I slept for about 30 minutes then was WIDE awake for an hour.

When we got up in the morning, we were told the doctor wouldn’t be in until I got my sonogram (I was having pain in one of my breasts… they wanted to check it out). That was a different experience. The guy who transported me down there was a student of my mom’s. He struck up a conversation and we became instant friends .. or so I thought. On the way back to the room, he asked me if I got in trouble a lot in school for talking. I thought I was fairly quiet on the elevator rides 🙂

I recognized the girl who did the sonogram and one of Mikey’s friend’s ex. When she got everything started, she started talking to me. She said I looked familiar, I told her who  I was engaged to. AHA she knows me. How cool is that? Hold it right there, she proceeded to ask me if I was so and so’s sister. Sound the buzzard please. Not the right person. To make it funnier, the girl she asked about was a girl that Mikey dated before we got together. The sad thing, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. At least I have a good story right?

Well, the tests all came back negative, my white blood cell count went back down to 12 and I was able to eat more. My toast for breakfast was good and I gobbled up the chicken, mashed taters and corn at lunch. The doctor however, still has no clue what is wrong with me. So, he lets me go. He gives me an antibiotic, sets me a follow up appointment and I’m a free lady, with an unanswerable infection.

I slept all day Monday and have slept in every day the rest of the week. Good news, I feel MUCH better. Still a little sleepy, but there’s only so many hours a night you can sleep.

I hope that if you’ve made it this far, you were able to get a nice little laugh out of my hospital stay. I can now look back on my stay at the “disease motel” as my buddy John calls it and laugh, about some things.

Oh and John even got a birthday present from my stay. He told me a list of things I should make sure I take home: a big puke bucket, fuzzy socks, toothbrush and a water jug. I gave the water jug to him since his b-day was the day I was locked up. And don’t worry, I washed it.

Another Oh, I also got to see just how much Mikey cares about me during this stay. He took me out there, stayed with me ALL night, went home the next morning to get me clean clothes, face wash and medicine and when I got released, went to the story and bought me donuts, cakes, popsicles and chips. He sure does know what makes me feel better 🙂


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