Uploading Pictures to Twitter via Blackberry

So I’ve already confessed my addiction to Twitter, lets add to that the use of my Blackberry.

And the very first thing I did when I got my Blackberry: ADD TWITTERBERRY! Of course. Why would I waste time?

I don’t add pictures too much, but when I do, it always seems like it is quiet a hassle. I’ve tried a few different sources, thought I’d share with you what I’ve found with each.

Twitterberry: When you download Twitterberry, it automatically gives you the option of uploading your pictures to Twitpic. When you take a picture, click the Blackberry button and down on the list is Send to Twitterberry.  This seems like it would be a great thing, right? Well, the problem is, it adds it to Twitpic, but doesn’t always add it to your updates. To make sure people see it, you’ll have to make sure you know your Twitpic page and send out another note saying, “Hey I’ve uploaded new pics, check them out.”

Twitpic:I have found a way that you can still upload to Twitpic and it will go on your updates, but you have to send a text. I have unlimited texts to ATT users and 200 to anyone, so the number really isn’t a problem. I never send in more than 10-15 pictures a month, but it still makes me nervous using texts. This is what I have found works best. Sometimes it takes a while, but it normally goes through.

UberTwitter:At one time I downloaded UberTwitter to check out. I was having some problems with Twitterberry and wanted to see my other options. I didn’t really like the view of it, but it did upload your pictures. It didn’t upload them to Twitpic, which I really didn’t like, because that’s where all of my other pictures are, but it always worked.  Something I didn’t like about this was that you had to open UberTwitter before you take a picture. You can’t send already taken pictures (well not that I could figure out). And it was a hassle if you were trying to take a picture in a hurry because, lets face it, some apps just don’t load at lightening speed.

Snap2Twitter:Right now I have an app downloaded called Snap2Twitter. As soon as you take a picture, it gives you the option of sending it to Twitter, with or without text. It also allows you to rotate the picture if you … take it sideways I guess. It’s nice if you know you are going to add pictures then, but if you are taking a few and going to choose the best, I’d suggest texting Twitpic.

Hope this helps you out. If you have any other apps or anything to help me out, let me know!


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