AnnAlysis: Remember Me?

Remember Me

Another Sophie Kinsella book. Yes, if you can’t tell by now, if I like one book by an author, I’ll buy all of them and chain read them.  I learned the term chain read by watching the original 90210 series over the weekend.  I never thought about chain reading, but I definitely do. Unless it’s 2 or 3am when I finish a book, I’ll pick another and start immediately.

Anyway, back to the point of the post: Remember Me? If you like the ABC show Samantha Who? you’ll like this book.  A woman gets in a car crash, loses a bit of her memory and has to learn about the past 3 years of her life all over again.

I really like Sophie Kinsella books for a few reasons:

1. I always feel like I can relate with the main characters.  I can put myself in their shoes and imagine what it’d be like if these events happened to me.  If I lost 3 years of my memory today, my whole world would change.  It’s close to my and Michael’s 3 year anniversary, but 3 years ago from today and I’d be getting ready for finals, and single. I wouldn’t even know Michael.  I would still understand my job, but not know that I had it.

2. I love that the women all have good jobs.  From Confessions of a Shopoholic to Can You Keep a Secret? to Remember Me? , all the women work for big companies.  They may not always be great at their jobs, but it’s nice to see them being in powerful positions.

3. They make me laugh ALWAYS!

Kinsella’s books use a little cursing, but that’s a part that gets me laughing.  I picture these characters in my head then all of the sudden they drop an F bomb and it totally takes me.  Yes, I’m the kind of person that normally laughs when I hear someone dropping the F bomb because normally they’re unexpected and it just sounds silly.

I really liked this book. And once again, I’ll give a Kinsella book 4 bookmarks.


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