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You have an infection, not sure where though!

That was the reason for my recent hospital stay. And we can sum it up like a Mastercard commercial.

Blood Tests Done: 3 Times

How many nurses I had: 3

Staying over night in the hospital and still not knowing what made you sick: PRICELESS

Sunday afternoon, I started feeling a little sick. I’d gotten up, got a shower, ate lunch, dusted the living room, and was doing the Sunday crossword when all of the sudden it hit me. I got a little car sick feeling, so I went and laid down for a while. When I got up, I was feeling worse, so we decided to take my temp. It was over 100. That’s never a good sign. I decided I should probably go to urgent care because I didn’t want to get anyone else sick.

When I got there, they did blood work, a chest x-ray, urine sample, flu test… you name it. The doctor looked at all my tests and all she said she could find was that my temp was now in the 101 category and my white blood cell count was 18.8. It is supposed to be 11. From the time I had gotten to the doctor until this time, I started feeling worse and worse.  She said it would be best to stay overnight. I was skeptical, mainly because I didn’t want to miss work, but I’m a big girl now and big girls have to pay for their hospital bills. 🙂 But, she’s a doctor, so I listened.

When we went to get checked in, the printer wasn’t working, so it took quite a while. I was still feeling bad, sitting on the chair with my knees balled up. Finally the printer worked and they called for transport … more time for me to sit and feel bad. I almost asked if I could walk up by myself.

When we got to my room, there was someone in the A side, I was B. It was the grandmother of a girl I went to high school with. I waved at her mom, she didn’t seem to recognize me.  When we got settled, I laid down on the bed, and this girl’s dad, who was also my track coach, dropped his cell phone on my side of the room.  We had a pretty good relationship and I’ve known him for years, so I said “Excuse me sir, you’re on my side of the room.” Guess who didn’t recognize me? And yes, Michael was with me, and even if he tries not to be, at 6’6″ he’s intimidating. I have sent this girl a message on Facebook and asked her to explain the story to her dad. I hope he thinks it’s funny now.

Anyway, she moved out and I had the room to myself and mom and dad and Michael and Bryan and Tyler. I loved that they came to visit me. But I felt so bad for them having to give up their Sundays because I was a sickling and they didn’t know what was wrong with me. I would say the cry count was near 50…. if not higher lol.

About an hour and a half after everything was said and done in my room, I finally got my IV. She couldn’t get it in the top of my hand, so she put it near my wrist under my thumb. I am normally pretty good with needles, but I had to cling onto the sheet so I didn’t punch her in the face. That’s straight up bone!

I was starved, or so I thought. But when the turkey sandwich came, all I could eat were cookies. If that surprises you, you don’t know me very well.

One thing I was looking forward to, the season finale of “Desperate Housewives.” I got to watch the first hour, then started feeling like I was crazy seasick. Like “The Perfect Storm” seasick. I laid down, Michael went to get dinner and luckily the nurse came with some meds for my belly.

After that it was smooth sailing through the night. The nurse brought Mikey a sleeper chair – that was fun:) I was able to sleep, some. I slept for about 30 minutes then was WIDE awake for an hour.

When we got up in the morning, we were told the doctor wouldn’t be in until I got my sonogram (I was having pain in one of my breasts… they wanted to check it out). That was a different experience. The guy who transported me down there was a student of my mom’s. He struck up a conversation and we became instant friends .. or so I thought. On the way back to the room, he asked me if I got in trouble a lot in school for talking. I thought I was fairly quiet on the elevator rides 🙂

I recognized the girl who did the sonogram and one of Mikey’s friend’s ex. When she got everything started, she started talking to me. She said I looked familiar, I told her who  I was engaged to. AHA she knows me. How cool is that? Hold it right there, she proceeded to ask me if I was so and so’s sister. Sound the buzzard please. Not the right person. To make it funnier, the girl she asked about was a girl that Mikey dated before we got together. The sad thing, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. At least I have a good story right?

Well, the tests all came back negative, my white blood cell count went back down to 12 and I was able to eat more. My toast for breakfast was good and I gobbled up the chicken, mashed taters and corn at lunch. The doctor however, still has no clue what is wrong with me. So, he lets me go. He gives me an antibiotic, sets me a follow up appointment and I’m a free lady, with an unanswerable infection.

I slept all day Monday and have slept in every day the rest of the week. Good news, I feel MUCH better. Still a little sleepy, but there’s only so many hours a night you can sleep.

I hope that if you’ve made it this far, you were able to get a nice little laugh out of my hospital stay. I can now look back on my stay at the “disease motel” as my buddy John calls it and laugh, about some things.

Oh and John even got a birthday present from my stay. He told me a list of things I should make sure I take home: a big puke bucket, fuzzy socks, toothbrush and a water jug. I gave the water jug to him since his b-day was the day I was locked up. And don’t worry, I washed it.

Another Oh, I also got to see just how much Mikey cares about me during this stay. He took me out there, stayed with me ALL night, went home the next morning to get me clean clothes, face wash and medicine and when I got released, went to the story and bought me donuts, cakes, popsicles and chips. He sure does know what makes me feel better 🙂


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Uploading Pictures to Twitter via Blackberry

So I’ve already confessed my addiction to Twitter, lets add to that the use of my Blackberry.

And the very first thing I did when I got my Blackberry: ADD TWITTERBERRY! Of course. Why would I waste time?

I don’t add pictures too much, but when I do, it always seems like it is quiet a hassle. I’ve tried a few different sources, thought I’d share with you what I’ve found with each.

Twitterberry: When you download Twitterberry, it automatically gives you the option of uploading your pictures to Twitpic. When you take a picture, click the Blackberry button and down on the list is Send to Twitterberry.  This seems like it would be a great thing, right? Well, the problem is, it adds it to Twitpic, but doesn’t always add it to your updates. To make sure people see it, you’ll have to make sure you know your Twitpic page and send out another note saying, “Hey I’ve uploaded new pics, check them out.”

Twitpic:I have found a way that you can still upload to Twitpic and it will go on your updates, but you have to send a text. I have unlimited texts to ATT users and 200 to anyone, so the number really isn’t a problem. I never send in more than 10-15 pictures a month, but it still makes me nervous using texts. This is what I have found works best. Sometimes it takes a while, but it normally goes through.

UberTwitter:At one time I downloaded UberTwitter to check out. I was having some problems with Twitterberry and wanted to see my other options. I didn’t really like the view of it, but it did upload your pictures. It didn’t upload them to Twitpic, which I really didn’t like, because that’s where all of my other pictures are, but it always worked.  Something I didn’t like about this was that you had to open UberTwitter before you take a picture. You can’t send already taken pictures (well not that I could figure out). And it was a hassle if you were trying to take a picture in a hurry because, lets face it, some apps just don’t load at lightening speed.

Snap2Twitter:Right now I have an app downloaded called Snap2Twitter. As soon as you take a picture, it gives you the option of sending it to Twitter, with or without text. It also allows you to rotate the picture if you … take it sideways I guess. It’s nice if you know you are going to add pictures then, but if you are taking a few and going to choose the best, I’d suggest texting Twitpic.

Hope this helps you out. If you have any other apps or anything to help me out, let me know!

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Get Motivated!

Today I had the chance to “Get Motivated!”. For any of you who don’t know what “getting motivated” is, it’s a series of speakers talking anything from money to politics to the best way to motivate your coworkers.

I had the opportunity to hear from 8 speakers today. I took notes because I am a stabilizer. If you don’t know what that is, keep reading and shortly you’ll understand.  I wanted to share my notes with you. They may be able to help you, they may not. But I might as well share what I learned.

Krish Dhanam was the first speaker I saw. Thanks to Tom Ziglar (Zig Ziglar’s son for the name).  He is an Indian guy with a great personalisty and lots of great quotes. To learn more about Krish and the Zig Ziglar team, click here.

One of the first things he said stuck with me. 97% of of us work in the comfort zone.  3% work in the effective zone. Which are you?

He also said “You are not responsible for your heritage, but you’re accountable for your future”, “If somebody has to tell you who you are, you’re not taking ownership” and “If you’re grateful for the things you have, someday you’ll have more to be thankful for.”

Amanda Barren used this next acronym tonight on the news:    

Give more than you have  

Leave more than you take 

Offer praise to your inner circe   

Whose applause really matters?

He ended his speech by saying if you believe something significant will happen, it will happen.

I’m not big on money talk.  I really tried to listen when Phil Town took the stage.

phil town

He used this photo today in the speech, he definitely doesn’t look like this today, but it shows his roots and how he got where he is.  Now, as I said, the confusion set in quickly when he started talking investments, but if you’re interested, why not just take his advice? Click here to check out his site and books.

Tamara Lowe is the co-founder and Executive VP of the Get Motivated empire.  Lowe grew up in New Orleans in a part of town where she said they didn’t play doctor when they were kids, “we played autopsy”.  She didn’t go to high school and from ages 10-17 she was a drug dealer and addict.  Yes, she’s made quite a change.  Now, she says she’s gone “from LSD to PHD” as she just finished her master’s degree and is getting ready to start a doctorate program.

tamara lowe

The main point Tamara stressed is that each employee and co-worker has their own personal set of motivational DNA.


This chart shows what makes up your motivational D-N-A.

When it comes to drives, you are either a Producer or a Connector.

Producer: You are competitive, a natural leader, fast paced and result oriented. Things that demote you include co-workers not pulling their weight and group thinking projects.   

Connector: You are cooperative, friendly and talkative.  Something that demotes a connector is conflict.  In one word, a connector is about the RELATIONSHIPS.

When it comes to your needs, you are either about the Stability or Variety.

Stability:If stability is your thing, you like constancy, routine, structure, organization and like to work by the book. Things that motivate stability are facts, consistency and time to analyze.  Things that demotivate stability are fuzzy goals, disorder and inefficiency. In one word, stability is about FACTS.      

Variety:If variety is your your thing, you like change. You are spontaneous, persuasive, adventurous, like new ideas and no offense, but you’re bad at following through with projects (those are her words, not mine). Things that motivate variety are fun, freedom of expression and person growth.  Things that demotivate variety are rigid routines and bureaucracy. Variety in one word is FUN.

When it comes to Awards, you are either like Internal awards or External awards.

Internal: Internal awards mean you would rather have Appreciation without Bonus.  Accomplishment is one of the main things that motivates internal awards.  Not having the power to change things demotivates internal awards.  In one word, people who are “internal awards” are about CONTRIBUTION.                 

External:Things that motivate external awards include the opportunity to advance, money and public acknowledgement.  Lack of recognition, tasks without rewards and glass ceilings demotivate external awards.  In one word, people who are “external awards” are about OPPORTUNITY.

So, now that you know what each category is, choose one from each.  I for example and sure I am a Producer and Stability.  I have a hard time determining between Internal and External, so I’ve made myself and IE 🙂

Not only will this system help bosses find out which ways are best to motivate their employees, it can also help co-workers know who to work with each other. Figure out what your co-worker’s DNA is and then you’ll know what their wants and needs are.

I will definitely be buying Tamara Lowe’s book called Get Motivated!Bet you didn’t see that one coming 🙂

Steve Forbes spoke.  He was “live” via satellite. Honestly, I can’t tell you anything he said.  He was talking politics and economy (I think), but since he wasn’t there in person, a lot of people were moving around and it was hard to just watch the screen and stay with it. Sorry Steve!

steve forbes

The next name is one you may have heard of, maybe. Zig Ziglar took the stage with his daughter.

zig ziglar

Zig has been one of America’s most famous motivational speakers and at 82 years old, he’s not planning on kicking back anytime soon. His daughter took the stage with him, after a recent fall he’s not able to run around the stage as well as he once did. He also lost a bit of memory. So she helps him with his stories. It definitely shows how tight knit their family is.

I loved a lot about Zig. I had heard of him, but didn’t know much about him.  It saddens me to see “vintage” clips of Zig and compare them to today, but he’s still a motivation after all these years showing that “age ain’t nothing but a number”.

He said some great stuff today. One of my favorites was when he compared his wife to his American Express Card. He said he doesn’t leave home without her 🙂 I also liked what he had to say when he was asked if he’d be retiring soon, “I’m not going to ease up, give up or shut up until I’m taken up.”

Zig is definitely a southern gentleman. When he was asked, “What would be if you weren’t Baptist?”, his answer was classic: “If I weren’t Baptist, I’d be embarrassed.”

Did did have a few words of wisdom to pass on. He’s a “take what you’ve got” kind of guy. He said, take what you’ve got, improve on it, use it and make the best of it every day of your life. I think it’s pretty straight forward.

One thing I liked about a lot of these speakers is that many were about embracing what you have.  Yes, they wanted you to take action and start something, but we all know many of us aren’t going to put that $1000 in an investment or start buying real estate and fixing it up.  Each person seemed to, in the mix of the push, also tell you to hold on to what you have and make it a positive thing(s).

As I said before, Tom Ziglar, Zig’s son told me the name of Krish. When I talked about Zig yesterday, Tom started following me on Twitter (how cool is that?). And what is even cooler is he took the time to read this blog and gave me another tip for you guys:  “Tip – take one thing you learned from the event and put it in action this week, and your day invested will pay off big.” – Thanks Tom!

James Smith was kind of the black sheep of the group.  He was a little more hard core than the rest. He didn’t hold back, he called a woman a skank.

James Smith

He’s a money man too, so you’ve probably guessed it, I don’t have much to say. Lucky for you, there’s a website.

The one thing I got from his speech, other than some laughs, was your job is to plant a seed. God will water what you plant. I really like this because I think it shows that you don’t have to do it all. If you don’t have $100 to donate to charity, the $20 you have will work. You are starting something… I hope I’m getting this right 🙂

The man you’ve all been waiting for, drum roll please…..Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani

The main point of Giuliani’s speech was leadership. His first question: Are you born a leader or are you made a leader? He then went on to explain what you have to do to be a leader.

6 Lessons of Leadership                                                                                                                                                                                               1. You have to have strong beliefs in what you’re trying to achieve. You have to believe in yourself and your missions. 

2. You have to be an optimist. If you have a problem, take it and turn it into a question (How can I solve this?) and use that question to solve your problem.     

3. You have to have courage. Everyone faces fear in their lives, the big part is overcoming it.  He used firefighters as examples here: They may be afraid to go into the house, but they have to save the people inside. They have to get over their fears.      

4. You need relentless preparation. He also used firefighters with this, as well as soldiers. But not only does this apply to people who face war and flames everyday, it applies to everyone. We have to practice and practice hard so we can do well under pressure. “If you’ve practiced, you can recover. If you are familiar with what you are doing, you’ll do it better and calmer.”   

5. You have to have teamwork. “A single individual never achieves anything.” You need to ask “What are my weaknesses?” and find people who are strong at your weaknesses to make a strong team.    

6. You have to communicate. You need to explain what you want and need.

On top of all this, Giuliani said, “You have to love people.” Your co-workers are not “robots.” The most important thing it to be there when things are going wrong rather than when things are going right and you need to work on helping them.

The last speaker was Bob Kittell.

Bob Kittell

I actually really liked Bob’s ideas and if I was at a different stage in my life (I’m 22 I know, but time really isn’t something I have extra of to throw around) then I probably would have signed up for his workshop.

He’s a web guy who wants to teach you to be successful. He has three goals for that:    

1. Visualization (close your eyes and think about your dream car….now go get it)        

2. Surround yourself with positive people  

3. Take action

Bob showed a lot of sites and a lot of people who have gotten their websites up and running and are now very successful. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for books and other things he has going on in the future.  Check him out on Facebook or LinkedIn.

So, all in all, I think it was a productive day. If you weren’t able to go, and you’ve been able to get this far without falling asleep, I hope you learned something to pass on to someone else. If not, I appologize for boring you with 1800+ words.

I would give the Get Motivated! conference 4 out of 5 stars, you can’t like everyone. Check out the Get Motivatedwebsite if you want to learn more.

Let me know if you were there and you have anything to add to this!


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AnnAlysis: Remember Me?

Remember Me

Another Sophie Kinsella book. Yes, if you can’t tell by now, if I like one book by an author, I’ll buy all of them and chain read them.  I learned the term chain read by watching the original 90210 series over the weekend.  I never thought about chain reading, but I definitely do. Unless it’s 2 or 3am when I finish a book, I’ll pick another and start immediately.

Anyway, back to the point of the post: Remember Me? If you like the ABC show Samantha Who? you’ll like this book.  A woman gets in a car crash, loses a bit of her memory and has to learn about the past 3 years of her life all over again.

I really like Sophie Kinsella books for a few reasons:

1. I always feel like I can relate with the main characters.  I can put myself in their shoes and imagine what it’d be like if these events happened to me.  If I lost 3 years of my memory today, my whole world would change.  It’s close to my and Michael’s 3 year anniversary, but 3 years ago from today and I’d be getting ready for finals, and single. I wouldn’t even know Michael.  I would still understand my job, but not know that I had it.

2. I love that the women all have good jobs.  From Confessions of a Shopoholic to Can You Keep a Secret? to Remember Me? , all the women work for big companies.  They may not always be great at their jobs, but it’s nice to see them being in powerful positions.

3. They make me laugh ALWAYS!

Kinsella’s books use a little cursing, but that’s a part that gets me laughing.  I picture these characters in my head then all of the sudden they drop an F bomb and it totally takes me.  Yes, I’m the kind of person that normally laughs when I hear someone dropping the F bomb because normally they’re unexpected and it just sounds silly.

I really liked this book. And once again, I’ll give a Kinsella book 4 bookmarks.

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AnnAlysis: Can You Keep a Secret?

Can You Keep a Secret

After reading the Memory Keeper’s Daughter, I knew I needed something light. So, I chose Sophie Kinsella’s Can You Keep a Secret?

I have read her Confessions of a Shopoholic series and loved it.  I know Kinsella’s books are funny and other than the continent barrier, pretty easy quick reads.

I really related to the main character Emma in this book. I have a HARD time keeping secrets.  If its super important or it will hurt someone, I am a master, but I often tell too much to too many people.  I can definitely see myself in Emma’s position, clutching the airplane seat in front of me and getting all my secrets off my chest. When I reach Heaven’s gates, secrets won’t keep me back 🙂

Kinsella lives in England, so most of her stories are based from there.  I’ve been to Europe, but England wasn’t one of my stops. I always love reading about it because it sounds so pristine… I mean they have a Queen. I imagine it being such a different life than over here.

Another plus about this book, it made me laugh. I laugh A LOT and normally it doesn’t take much, but when a book makes me laugh, it gets bonus points. I get lost in my books. When I come home from work, I want to forget about all the cruddy news going on and want to relax in someone else’s life and if I can laugh while doing it, I’ll definitely sleep better at night. That also means I’ll be less grouchy the next day, so if you’ve read books that’ve made you laugh, for my Mikey and my co-workers sake, please pass them along!

There wasn’t much I didn’t like about this book.  I don’t understand what some of the London lingo means. I know “knickers”. But that’s only because I watched the Beckham special when they came to the States and Victoria got into an earthquake simulator and was talking about her knickers.

I have a bad habit of getting attached to characters. And I’m just going to put this out there: I HATED JEMIMA! Yeah, her pops paid rent, but what a cruddy friend. Rants make me feel better. Jemima Who? 🙂

This book did it for me….like the other Kinsella books. So, I give it 4 bookmarks!

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AnnAlysis: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

Memory Keeper's Daughter

When the Memory Keeper’s Daughter came out on film, I knew I wanted to read it before I watched it. I’m a book before the movie kind of girl.  But that put a lot of pressure on the book.  I saw the movie on from time to time and had to force myself not to watch it, but I saw the characters so when I read it, I had a picture of them in my mind.

One thing I learned from this book is that I need to read light books.  This had its light points, but was serious.  After I’ve been at work all day dealing with shootings, missing people etc I need something light and silly to get me through.

I liked this book because it hit close to home. My brother was born a few months early and has learning disabilities, but I can never imagine my parents giving him up. That thought it just crazy. I know this book happened a few decades earlier when this happened a lot, but it still blows my mind.

I really like that this book covered an entire life span.  A lot of the books I’ve been reading lately cover a week or a few months. This covers from the time the kids were born until they were in their late 20s. It’s nice to get to see someone grow up and the people they become.

I also like how you went back and forth from Paul’s life to Phoebe’s life.  You got to keep up with both of them although they were miles and miles apart.  I know that is the point of the story, but I thought Kim Edwards did it well.

I’ve been reading a lot of stories from New Jersey and London, but it was nice to read one from Louisville.  It’s nice to read about places that are near home and nice to read about rivers I’ve heard of and places I’ve been to.

One of the things I least liked about this book was all the secrets.  Things like this paranoy me.  Michael would never do something like give away our child (David) or be unfaithful (Norah), but this book kind of makes me lose faith in honesty. I can’t imagine living a whole life with these secrets.

There were positives about this book, but I think the negatives override and I only give this book 3 bookmarks. It was just so-so.

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