Twitterberry vs. UberTwitter

The first thing I did when I got my Blackberry was download Twitterberry.  But my tweeps have been making suggestions about other applications, so I also recently downloaded Ubertwitter. And now, because I want to help, I am going to Pro/Con them for you.



PROS:The format of the timeline is very clean – the are definitive lines around each post so you know where it starts and stops

There are multiple options with this app: See your @ Replies, DM’s, Faves  (everything you can do on the web)

Follow/Unfollow works…. sometimes

You can have auto update if you’d like … I don’t like, but it could be nice

Through Twitterberry you can send previously taken pictures to Twitpic, it just doesn’t always upload

CONS:Twitpic doesn’t always work. Well, it adds the pics to your Twitpic account but doesn’t upload them to your Twitter timeline.

I’ve only had this happen a couple of times since the new version came out, but last version froze on me ALL the time

Follow/Unfollow works…. sometimes

If you haven’t been on in a while, it takes a few minutes to get through all the tweets and the loading process is long. I do follow a lot of people though. That may have something to do with it.


PROS: The uploading picture tool works. It even shows you where you are posting your picture. Well, it showed that I was posting mine from WV, it said I was on the coast of W Africa… I think I fixed that though.

There is an auto update option

I like the format of the single messages. You can open a single tweet and see the persons profile under the tweet.

You can see trending topics. The only reason I use this is on Friday’s at work to show what people are doing on Twitter

You have many options of who’s tweets you’d like to see: Everyone, Everyone in your area … if your area works, it might be nice

There’s an options option. You can change the font, size, look of the timeline

It shows where updates are coming from … again, coast of W Africa was a lie, but it tried

After being off of Uber Twitter for a while, it doesn’t take long to load back up

CONS: I would like the text to be bigger. I saved it to be 20, but it keeps coming up as 16. It’s a little too small for me while I’m driving … dangerous I know 🙂

To upload a picture, you have to take it through Uber Twitter. You can’t use a previously take one. Makes it difficult to take a picture quickly because you have to open the program instead of just hitting the camera button

It drains the battery VERY QUICKLY! The first night I had it, I used it for maybe 30 minutes and it took half of my battery

There is not a follow/unfollow option, or one I could find

Yesterday when I pulled it up after I hadn’t been on it for 12ish hours, it pulled it up to the most recent tweet posted. The problem with this is when you scroll down, it has to reload every 3 or 4 tweets. When you scroll up, that is not a problem


Now after seeing the pros and cons, there are more pros for UberTwitter, but I think I am going to stay with Twitterberry. I like the look of it better and it’s easier for me to see. One of the main problems was uploading pictures, but I have found out that I can text them to Twitpic and it will show up on my timeline …. works like a charm.

But, I am going to keep both apps …. just in case one quits working, I have another one to resort to.

If you have any pros/cons to add, please leave some comments!


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One response to “Twitterberry vs. UberTwitter

  1. So, I ‘ve been back and forth with this since I got my phone.

    As of now, I have made UberTwitter my primary use on my phone. I have no deleted Twitterberry yet, but I also haven’t used it.

    UberTwitter is wearing on me. The more I use it, the more I really like it. I made the text bigger, so I could see it better. That was one of the main problems I had with it in the first place.

    I also like how the icon on the phone changes when people have tweeted and it tells you how many new tweets there have been since the last time you have checked.


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