The Invasion of the Remake

Ok, so I am all about the cover bands. Most of the bands we go see around Point Pleasantville are covers. But lately I’ve been hearing covers… well remakes really that are driving me crazy.

There are some songs that remakes were ok. I Will Always Love You for instance, I like Whitney’s version better than Dolly’s. Killing Me Softly is another example. I don’t think I’ve even heard the original version by Roberta Flack. I’ll stick with the Fugees.

I have a hard time when songs are remade by genre. I don’t normally like rock songs made country, like Sitting At A Bar by Rehab, remade by Hank Williams.

Now, I’ve been hearing rap songs made to rock songs. Lollipop by Lil’ Wayne was fun when he sang it, dirty, but fun. But when I hear Framing Hanley singing it, I want to punch out the windows of my car. Normally, I just change the station, but one of these times, the button is going to break and I’m going to be stuck. Check it out by clicking the link (

The latest disaster I heard was the Pony remake. You all remember Genuine’s song “Riding my Pony”. I remember dancing at the Cellar after football games to the song. It was dirty and my parents would have taken the cd from me if they would have known what I was jamming to, but I loved it. Tonight, I was on my way home and heard the very end of it on X106.3. Turns out, the remake is by a band called Far. You can listen to it (

I didn’t get to hear the whole thing, and don’t feel like searching for my headphones to listen to it tonight, but from what I heard, I hated it. I just think rap songs slowed to rock are creepy. I will give it a chance tomorrow though and let you know how I feel about it…. if you even care.

If you listen, let me know. I know my friend @dsmith77 (on Twitter for all you twits) likes it. Anyone else?


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  1. KA

    Ok, so I listened to it, and I will take back my hatrid for the Pony remake. It actually isn’t that bad. 🙂

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