AnnAlysis: Twelve Sharp

12 Sharp

You’d think after 13 books, it would be hard to turn one more page about a woman who gets beat up novel after novel but eventually brings home the bad guy. Going into Twelve Sharp, I thought the same thing. Now that I finished it, it’s my favorite one so far.

It didn’t have as much of the comedy as the other ones, but the plot of this book has been my favorite. I don’t want to give it all away, but it involves identity theft, kidnapping and yes ladies, RangeMan. Need I say more?

Although it was on the serious side, it was the most realistic book. It was still crazy and may have pushed the limits, but identity theft is HUGE right now kidnappings are so scary (not that I’ve been kidnapped, but they sound scary).

I have always liked Lula (former ho turned bounty hunter side kick) being Stephanie’s number 2 woman. She tells you how it is and she’s always there for you, unless she’s hungry. But honestly, I don’t want to do anything when I’m hungry either. And if she wants to wear a size 6 dress when she should really wear a 12, more power to her. Back to the point, in this book, she told Stephanie how good of a partner she was and I realized I want friends like this and I want to be this person in someones life. Stephanie and Lula were talking about going into a sex shop and Stephanie said she wasn’t going in. Lula in return said “I thought we were partners. How’s that for a partner to act? I’d go in there for you. I’d walk on fire for you. I’d bitch-slap the devil you for you.” I think that is my all time favorite book quote. Absolutely love it!

So, for the fact that it was my favorite plot and favorite quote, you guessed it, I gave Twelve Sharp 5 bookmarks.
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3 responses to “AnnAlysis: Twelve Sharp

  1. Amy

    Hey babe! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blogs and book reviews — they’re pretty entertaining and informative. Great job! Also, I agree with you on this review — it’s been my fave so far too. I am currently reading “Lean Mean Thirteen” so I’m going to bypass that review until I’m finished. Just to keep it a surprise for me…so far I like it (but I like them all ;)). Hope to see you guys sometime before your wedding! Luv ya…

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