AnnAlysis: Plum Lovin’

This “between the numbers” book was a little more believable than Janet Evanovich’s Visions of Sugar Plums. It still had the unmentionables and their super powers, but it wasn’t as much.

I enjoyed that Diesel was back. The men in these books are great! Love them all.

I really like that Stephanie was able to still bounty, but was also able to match-make in the process. Yes, the pairs were handed to her, but she still ran with them. She was pretty good at it too.

One of the things that I remember most about the book is good old Albert Klaughn. He stole my heart from the very first 100 questions he asked within the first 2 minutes he was in the book, but his “farting” every time marriage was brought up made me laugh hysterically every time it happened. I just wish our family dinners were the same … kind of.

These between the numbers books are short, easy reads that are different from the others because they only have one story line. But, I still don’t like the “unmentionable”, unrealistic characters. Again, I like these books because as much as they stretch reality, it could all happen. With the unmentionables, I mean, you really can’t give someone hives because you don’t like them. At least I don’t think so. Maybe I should do some research … that could be helpful.

I’m also not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Of course I love being pampered, but that happens all the time. (I’m lucky, I know) Valentine’s Day gets too much play and there’s too much pressure. To me, a regular day is more romantic than Valentine’s Day. Just sayin….

I give Plum Lovin‘ 3 bookmarks. It made me laugh, so it gets another bookmark than Visions of Sugar Plums.

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