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5 People to Invite for Dinner

Recently on Twitter, Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) wrote a tweet that said if you could choose any 5 people to sit down to dinner with, you’d always be the biggest loser (not necessarily in those words, but that sums it up).

So, when I read that, I decided I would work on my seating arrangements for my dinner party. A few of the choices were easy, but a couple took some more thought.



1. My Mikey: This was the most obvious choice. I love him and would want him to share this special time with me. Enough said. 🙂


2. Albert Einstein: While I know Michael and I could carry on a nice little dinner conversation, I would like to have someone there for him to chat with. So, I chose Albert Einstein.  Michael likes Einstein … and I like his hair. I wonder if he’d let me run my fingers through it?


3. Jesus: I think a lot of people would choose Jesus, but that’s not why I chose him.  I would just like to sit down with him and see what he has to say. I want to know about the time he lived and maybe he could answer some questions for me. I don’t have a list yet, but I’ll work on it.  I’ve tried to read the Bible and the language gets to me, so maybe he could dumb it down for me.


4. John Mulvaney: I thought that I would need someone funny in case the conversation got stale.. so this was my choice. I was afraid if I chose a celebrity funny person, they might not be as funny in person as they are on tv, so I chose John because I know he is funny in person. Plus, John really likes Jesus. He even has the Bible app on his iPhone. I’m sure he could come up with some great questions to ask.



5. This was a toss up between JK Rowling and Janet Evanovich.  I hope to write a book one day and these are two of my favorite authors. I would like to sit down with either or both of them and ask them how they got started, what they are working on (I promise I wouldn’t steal it). I would also see if they had any advice for me.  If I could pick Rowlings brain for a while, I think I would be a happy camper. I mean, I just want to know what’s going on in there, she did create an entirely new world with Harry Potter. I can’t imagine what else she has floating around in there.

When I started this, I was hoping to add someone who would make me not the biggest loser at the table. I was going to add a homeless person, but that kind of made me feel bad for saying they are losers. It would make me look good in front of Jesus, I mean I would be feeding a homeless person… I can’t even finish that sentence because I feel worse now for even thinking that.

In the end, I decided I don’t really care if I am the lamest person at the table. I mean, no matter who comes, someone will always be better than me at something, and there are people that I will be better than at things… except Jesus and I’m ok with that.  Dr Phil, if you’d like me to come on your show, call my agent, I’m pretty deep!

Who would your 5 dinner guests be?



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Twitterberry vs. UberTwitter

The first thing I did when I got my Blackberry was download Twitterberry.  But my tweeps have been making suggestions about other applications, so I also recently downloaded Ubertwitter. And now, because I want to help, I am going to Pro/Con them for you.



PROS:The format of the timeline is very clean – the are definitive lines around each post so you know where it starts and stops

There are multiple options with this app: See your @ Replies, DM’s, Faves  (everything you can do on the web)

Follow/Unfollow works…. sometimes

You can have auto update if you’d like … I don’t like, but it could be nice

Through Twitterberry you can send previously taken pictures to Twitpic, it just doesn’t always upload

CONS:Twitpic doesn’t always work. Well, it adds the pics to your Twitpic account but doesn’t upload them to your Twitter timeline.

I’ve only had this happen a couple of times since the new version came out, but last version froze on me ALL the time

Follow/Unfollow works…. sometimes

If you haven’t been on in a while, it takes a few minutes to get through all the tweets and the loading process is long. I do follow a lot of people though. That may have something to do with it.


PROS: The uploading picture tool works. It even shows you where you are posting your picture. Well, it showed that I was posting mine from WV, it said I was on the coast of W Africa… I think I fixed that though.

There is an auto update option

I like the format of the single messages. You can open a single tweet and see the persons profile under the tweet.

You can see trending topics. The only reason I use this is on Friday’s at work to show what people are doing on Twitter

You have many options of who’s tweets you’d like to see: Everyone, Everyone in your area … if your area works, it might be nice

There’s an options option. You can change the font, size, look of the timeline

It shows where updates are coming from … again, coast of W Africa was a lie, but it tried

After being off of Uber Twitter for a while, it doesn’t take long to load back up

CONS: I would like the text to be bigger. I saved it to be 20, but it keeps coming up as 16. It’s a little too small for me while I’m driving … dangerous I know 🙂

To upload a picture, you have to take it through Uber Twitter. You can’t use a previously take one. Makes it difficult to take a picture quickly because you have to open the program instead of just hitting the camera button

It drains the battery VERY QUICKLY! The first night I had it, I used it for maybe 30 minutes and it took half of my battery

There is not a follow/unfollow option, or one I could find

Yesterday when I pulled it up after I hadn’t been on it for 12ish hours, it pulled it up to the most recent tweet posted. The problem with this is when you scroll down, it has to reload every 3 or 4 tweets. When you scroll up, that is not a problem


Now after seeing the pros and cons, there are more pros for UberTwitter, but I think I am going to stay with Twitterberry. I like the look of it better and it’s easier for me to see. One of the main problems was uploading pictures, but I have found out that I can text them to Twitpic and it will show up on my timeline …. works like a charm.

But, I am going to keep both apps …. just in case one quits working, I have another one to resort to.

If you have any pros/cons to add, please leave some comments!

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My Addiction to Twitter

Hi, my name is Kari and I’m a Twitter addict.  I got started on Twitter when it swept the newsroom over a month ago, and now I can’t stop. 


It’s got a beauty to it unlike Facebook and Myspace. On Facebook, I am friends with high school and college friends. I catch up with friends, set up lunch dates and spy on people I don’t like.  On Myspace, I’m friends with Mikey’s friends. I originally started blog there and I do love the fact that I can create a page from scratch and show a little creativity. But when it comes to Twitter, well I’m friends with anyone…. that is anyone who speaks English and doesn’t have a million tweets in a minute trying to sell me something.

I like Twitter because I don’t feel like I’m being judged. I can type that I just a cookie like it was my job, make fun of someone at work or vent about my bad day and no one cares, because they’re doing the same thing.  Yes, it’s the same as updates on Facebook and Myspace, but for some reason, it’s different. When I can finally put my finger on it, I’ll be sure to update.

I also like Twitter because 140 characters doesn’t give me a lot of room for improvement and thinking. I normally write a blog 5 or 6 times, read, re-read etc. before I post. I don’t have to worry about that with Twitter because there’s not much room for change.

Now to some of my Twitter faves. What kind of twirp would I be if I didn’t share some of my Twitter love?

First, I’ll start with my smarty pants friends.

@mozunkis my Internet guru. He actually is the main reason this blog is getting up and running right now.  He’s tutoring me lol. If you ever need help, go to him. He also started Secret Tweet,  kind of like Post Secret in 140 characters.

I have to give a shout out to @madbryers. Although I had heard of Twitter, listening to him talk about it is what got my started. Thanks little buddy.

@scottsaxtonis my boss. I guess I had to give him a shoutout since I’m writing a blog about Twitter and I try to keep it work related. He posts fun pictures…sometimes. Plus, I really didn’t read my contract, so there may have been a Twitter clause in there… and if so, I’m sooo keeping my job.

@jackgraycnnis one of my fave writers. He works for Anderson Cooper 360. He tweets about his dog, but the things I like most about his tweets…. he adds amazing pictures he’s taken and lets me know when his latest blog is done. They never fail to impress.

@stevehuff is hilarious. His tweets are sometimes raunchy and inappropriate, but they crack me up.  I especially like the ones about his daughter AKA The Dark Majesty.

If I would have to choose a couple of celebrities to tell you to follow, I would choose @kimkardashian as one. She is honest and recently put up some horrid sunburn pics, but it shows she real.  @britneyspears follows most people back. It’s nice to have a celeb on your side every now and then. And finally, I’d say @valebrity. They have a really cool site and update you through tweets on the latest celebs to hit up the twitterverse. Some celebs I am not fond of on Twitter, @apluskAKA Ashton Kutcher, @mrskutcherAKA Demi Moore and @johncmayer AKA John Mayer. You may like them, but I’ve chosen not to follow the mainstreamers 😉

And finally, how could I forget myself? HELLO! If you aren’t following me on Twitter, you should. It’s @littlemissmyz . I chose that name because I wanted to keep it somewhat work related. I’ll be a big girl one day and put my name on it, but until then, I’ll have sass. I tweet a lot sometimes and not so much others. If I have something clever to say or need to bitch, I’m there.

And if you still don’t know what Twitter is, let’s sum it up: You have 140 characters to say what’s on your mind. You can follow people who intrigue you, and people will follow you for a variety of reasons. It’s a great way to make new friends via the Internet.

Now, there are some cool websites associated with Twitter. Since you only have 140 characters, it’s sometimes hard to add websites to your tweets. Thank goodness for  There are many out there, but this is the one I always you. It shortens the link for you so you can fit it in with a description.

Then there’s twitpic.  If you have a Twitter account, you automatically have a Twitpic account. You upload an image, put in a description and voila, it’s on Twitter.

There is a really cool website for WV tweeters. It’s called (couldn’t get it to pull up to link it, just type it in yourself 🙂 . It was started by @mcneely. He has compiled WV Tweeters from all around the state and has broken it down. You can look at tweets from the whole state, Huntington area, Charleston area and even smaller areas like my little town of Point Pleasantville. Very cool to see who else in your area is tweeting and what they have to say.

You can also see who of my fellow WSAZ/myZ employees are tweeting. Go here and you’ll have a list along with their usernames. Be prepared, there’s a lot of us in the Twitterverse.

If you’re not tweeting by now, hopefully this will sway you. I mean c’mon, @Oprah is tweeting! Enough said. If you don’t want to tweet, that’s fine too. You can send me money for my addiction to PO BOX 365 Point Pleasantville WV 25550 (Monopoly money is my fave, thanks).

*All views, opinions and statements expressed on this website and related blog are exclusively those of Kari Adkins, who assumes full responsibility for all content opinions, statements and other content present herein*

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AnnAlysis: Plum Lucky

 Plum Lucky

After this, I am taking a break from Stephanie Plum. There are 4 more books in the series, but I’m kind of getting bummed on them. Plus, I only have one of them in my possession and the other 3 are only in hardback, I’m a paperback kind of girl.
Anyway, Plum Lucky I think is my favorite “Between the Numbers” book, but it still only gets three bookmarks because it’s so silly.
Lets see, you got a leprechaun, a horse, a mobster and the usual suspects. Not to mention the horse should get more credit than you may be giving him and it leads you to wonder if animals really do understand.
And who doesn’t love a story with Lula, former ho, thinking she’s a super model?
I’ve kind of run out of things to say about Stephanie and her crew, that’s why I’m taking a break from them, going to read Memory Keeper’s Daughter.
PS: I know this format is not how I normally put it, I like to give you a few lines of anticipation before you see how many bookmarks the story will get, but I accidentally erased the bookmarks and can’t figure out how to place them unless I do it at the beginning! ARGH!

*All views, opinions and statements expressed on this website and related blog are exclusively those of Kari Adkins, who assumes full responsibility for all opinions, statements and other content present herein*

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The Invasion of the Remake

Ok, so I am all about the cover bands. Most of the bands we go see around Point Pleasantville are covers. But lately I’ve been hearing covers… well remakes really that are driving me crazy.

There are some songs that remakes were ok. I Will Always Love You for instance, I like Whitney’s version better than Dolly’s. Killing Me Softly is another example. I don’t think I’ve even heard the original version by Roberta Flack. I’ll stick with the Fugees.

I have a hard time when songs are remade by genre. I don’t normally like rock songs made country, like Sitting At A Bar by Rehab, remade by Hank Williams.

Now, I’ve been hearing rap songs made to rock songs. Lollipop by Lil’ Wayne was fun when he sang it, dirty, but fun. But when I hear Framing Hanley singing it, I want to punch out the windows of my car. Normally, I just change the station, but one of these times, the button is going to break and I’m going to be stuck. Check it out by clicking the link (

The latest disaster I heard was the Pony remake. You all remember Genuine’s song “Riding my Pony”. I remember dancing at the Cellar after football games to the song. It was dirty and my parents would have taken the cd from me if they would have known what I was jamming to, but I loved it. Tonight, I was on my way home and heard the very end of it on X106.3. Turns out, the remake is by a band called Far. You can listen to it (

I didn’t get to hear the whole thing, and don’t feel like searching for my headphones to listen to it tonight, but from what I heard, I hated it. I just think rap songs slowed to rock are creepy. I will give it a chance tomorrow though and let you know how I feel about it…. if you even care.

If you listen, let me know. I know my friend @dsmith77 (on Twitter for all you twits) likes it. Anyone else?

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AnnAlysis: Twelve Sharp

12 Sharp

You’d think after 13 books, it would be hard to turn one more page about a woman who gets beat up novel after novel but eventually brings home the bad guy. Going into Twelve Sharp, I thought the same thing. Now that I finished it, it’s my favorite one so far.

It didn’t have as much of the comedy as the other ones, but the plot of this book has been my favorite. I don’t want to give it all away, but it involves identity theft, kidnapping and yes ladies, RangeMan. Need I say more?

Although it was on the serious side, it was the most realistic book. It was still crazy and may have pushed the limits, but identity theft is HUGE right now kidnappings are so scary (not that I’ve been kidnapped, but they sound scary).

I have always liked Lula (former ho turned bounty hunter side kick) being Stephanie’s number 2 woman. She tells you how it is and she’s always there for you, unless she’s hungry. But honestly, I don’t want to do anything when I’m hungry either. And if she wants to wear a size 6 dress when she should really wear a 12, more power to her. Back to the point, in this book, she told Stephanie how good of a partner she was and I realized I want friends like this and I want to be this person in someones life. Stephanie and Lula were talking about going into a sex shop and Stephanie said she wasn’t going in. Lula in return said “I thought we were partners. How’s that for a partner to act? I’d go in there for you. I’d walk on fire for you. I’d bitch-slap the devil you for you.” I think that is my all time favorite book quote. Absolutely love it!

So, for the fact that it was my favorite plot and favorite quote, you guessed it, I gave Twelve Sharp 5 bookmarks.
*All views, opinions and statements expressed on this website and related blog are exclusively those of Kari Adkins, who assumes full responsibility for all opinions, statements and other content present herein*


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AnnAlysis: Plum Lovin’

This “between the numbers” book was a little more believable than Janet Evanovich’s Visions of Sugar Plums. It still had the unmentionables and their super powers, but it wasn’t as much.

I enjoyed that Diesel was back. The men in these books are great! Love them all.

I really like that Stephanie was able to still bounty, but was also able to match-make in the process. Yes, the pairs were handed to her, but she still ran with them. She was pretty good at it too.

One of the things that I remember most about the book is good old Albert Klaughn. He stole my heart from the very first 100 questions he asked within the first 2 minutes he was in the book, but his “farting” every time marriage was brought up made me laugh hysterically every time it happened. I just wish our family dinners were the same … kind of.

These between the numbers books are short, easy reads that are different from the others because they only have one story line. But, I still don’t like the “unmentionable”, unrealistic characters. Again, I like these books because as much as they stretch reality, it could all happen. With the unmentionables, I mean, you really can’t give someone hives because you don’t like them. At least I don’t think so. Maybe I should do some research … that could be helpful.

I’m also not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Of course I love being pampered, but that happens all the time. (I’m lucky, I know) Valentine’s Day gets too much play and there’s too much pressure. To me, a regular day is more romantic than Valentine’s Day. Just sayin….

I give Plum Lovin‘ 3 bookmarks. It made me laugh, so it gets another bookmark than Visions of Sugar Plums.

*All views, opinions and statements expressed on this website and related blog are exclusively those of Kari Adkins, who assumes full responsibility for all opinions, statements and other content present herein*

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