AnnAlysis: Four to Score

Originally Posted: February 8, 2009

Now that I’ve finished the fourth book in the series, I’m realizing the little things that make me like series so much. Of course, there’s the fact that Stephanie has the job many wish we could have. Who wouldn’t love to kick some butt and get paid for it?

I also love the fact that all the women carry guns. At the beginning of Four to Score, they’re all sitting around the bond office having a “gun off”, if you’ll call it. Even Grandma Mazur has a gun. I don’t know many women — well any at all — that carry guns around here. Maybe there’s a secret society or something I’ve been missing out on. But in the Burg, if you don’t have a gun, you’re the one out of the loop.

I am starting to appreciate Janet Evanovich’s writing. One thing I noticed in this book is she has a way of writing about the characters. If you haven’t read the previous books, there’s a short synopsis of who they are. But if you’ve read them, it’s not too much to where it’s repetitive. It catches you up and gives you an idea without being overkill.

I liked Four to Score. I like that Stephanie sticks with it even though she gets firebombed and her car soaked in gasoline and blazed. I also like that some “co-stars” have come into play. Love former “ho” Lula and man-in-dress Sally.

I give Four to Score 3 bookmarks.
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