AnnAlysis: To The Nines

Originally Posted: March 18, 2009

Finally, after 10 books, I have figured one out before I got to the end of the book. I don’t know if Evanovich is slacking, I’m just good or I’ve read so many I’m starting to catch on to her trickery, but I knew the killer before she told me this time. Quite an accomplishment, I know.

That made me feel good about myself, and completely changed my perspective on the book.

I thought the beginning was a little slow. Yes, Stephanie was getting stalked by a killer while she was looking for a missing man. She also got to go on a nice little trip to Vegas. But it wasn’t until halfway through the book that you figured out what was happening.

I liked the whole gamer idea that came out of it. I could see it happening in real life. Who doesn’t like games? If you like the idea of gaming … and making it come to real life, you should also check out Julie Kenner’s Codebreaking Trilogy. I’ve only read the 3rd one, The Prada Paradox, but it’s along the same theme as To The Nines.

I give To The Nines 3 bookmarks because I figured it out, I would’ve only given it 2 if not.

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