AnnAlysis: Seven Up

Originally Posted: February 26, 2009

Janet Evanovich’s Seven Up has been my favorite one so far.

Within the first few pages, I seriously laughed out loud. I was told that her books were funny and other readers told me they laughed out loud. I was waiting for it. And not only did it happen once, there were 3 or 4 times where I caught myself laughing.

And I forgot this from Hot Six, but I love Bob. Stephanie has a hamster named Rex, who is … well a hamster. He runs on his wheel, lounges in his soup can and loves the occasional grape as a snack. But Bob on the other hand is great. He’s a big dog, great for sniffing a random behind and doing the deed in the enemy’s yard. Gotta love dogs!

All of my favorite characters played big roles in this book. I love Grandma Mazur. She cracks me up. Always talking about doodles (don’t you wish you knew?) and wants to be a bounty hunter. She has a vette … how cool is that? When she gets kidnapped, she thinks it’s kinky. I probably wouldn’t be thrilled if my grandparents acted like this, but hey it makes a great read.

And, I love the Mooner. Yeah, he’s a stoner, but how can you not love a guy who dresses in full body spandex and thinks he’s a super hero?

And of course … RANGER! He is being a little fresh with Stephanie when she is supposed to be engaged, which is never cool , but what’s a novel without a little spice? Don’t condone it in real life, but in the books, why not?

One thing that I wasn’t so fond of … yes, it’s lame: I had some bad dreams. I am a wimp, I love scary movies and books, but they stick with me in slumber. I kept having dreams I’d wake up and creepers were in my room. NOT COOL. All the B&E finally caught up. I also kept dreaming about crazy old women trapping people in her basement, but … that’s a completely different story.

I never thought it would happen, but I give Seven Up 5 bookmarks.

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