AnnAlysis: Hard Eight

Originally Posted: March 8, 2009

There was quite a bit of hype to follow Seven Up. Needless to say, Hard Eight didn’t do it.

There were a few things I liked about the book.
1: I love Stephanie’s niece Mary Alice. How can you not love a kid who thinks she’s a horse?

2: I also like the creativity of the murder. I know it’s morbid, but you gotta love the brain of someone who can be so creative. To get a dead man into an apartment, he is cut in half and placed in gym bags so they are inconspicuous. Clever, to say the least.

3: After so many books, you have to get creative with the bad guys. This time they wore costumes. I like the creativity, but it’s hard to take a guy in a bunny suit seriously, even if he is throwing fire bombs at you.

4. Albert Klaughn (Clown) .. enough said. I love the Clown. He reminds me of an 8 year old girl wanting to know everything she can about the world in as little time as possible. I imagine the numerous questions he asks come out a mile a minute.

On paper, it seems like “What else can you ask for?” But, I thought the book was kind of blah. Those things stood out, but in 300 pages, that’s really not a lot. They can’t all be 5s.

I give Hard Eight 2 bookmarks.
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